Sex drive. Now there’s a short phrase that captures the attention! But what is it really all about and how do we maintain and even boost it?

An overview of sex drive

It’s useless to think about quality sex life when you even lack interest in sexual intercourse. There are people who have problems spending enough time in bed with their partner; there are people with relationship problems leading to disastrous sex life. However, at least, these people want to have sex.

The problem with the people with ‘low sex drive’ is that they don’t even want to have sex.

When a person doesn’t even want to have a sex, they cannot even imagine having a quality sex life. The first step to having a quality sex life is to overcome the problem of low libido, and then you can think about ways to further improve your sex life.

There are many causes of low sex drive, and they include mental health problems, poor body image, stress, and so on. In the case of women, the prevalence of low sex drive is more among menopausal women, according to the study.

Top 7 exercises to stimulate your sex drive

Sexual dysfunction is one of the most common hurdles that do not allow you to achieve a quality sex life. I’m about to share the Top 7 exercises that can stimulate your sex drive. However, you should also understand that exercises can not only improve your sex drive, but it can also help the people struggling with various sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and others.


Basic exercises

It’s not that you should be involved in heavy workouts or you should try some difficult poses to enhance your libido. Even some simple workouts can help increase your sex drive. There was a study carried out among prostate cancer patients. They were required to participate in a hormone suppression therapy, and it was taken as a part of their treatment. According to the researchers, the patients who were more physically active were reported enjoying more sex in comparison to those who were not active.

This shows that being physically active can even increase the libido of cancer patients. Just imagine how much libido basic exercises would increase among healthy men. You can also use top male enhancement pills to further improve your libido.

Energy boosting exercises

Far from exhausting and draining you, exercise ultimately boosts you and gives energy and vigour.

Moreover, exercise will also help you to sleep well. More energy and sleep can ultimately reduce your stress, and it positively impacts your libido. You can try cardio, wall angle and other low/medium intensity exercises for boosting your energy.

Mental exercises

There is no doubt that having a great physical condition has a positive impact on your libido, however, it does not mean you should ignore mental aspects. How do you feel when you think about the person you love? Your desire to be with them increases doesn’t it?

There was a study conducted on the role of perceived sexual stimulation. The researchers recruited 128 women and 98 men. The researchers used methods, like unstructured fantasies, erotic stories, and others for stimulating arousal.

These methods enhanced the level of libido among the participants. You should make use of these methods, and imagine various erotic situations with your partner to increase the desire of having sex.

In Part 2 I will conclude with more keys tips to stimulate your sex drive!

Article by Shawn Clark

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