Following Part 1 of this feature I would like to conclude here with four more tips to stimulate your sex drive and perhaps give that essential boost to a happier sex life!

A good sex life is great for mind and body and is essential to strong and happy relationships, but there are many reasons why the light can dim and the magic disappear. But do not despair, you can get it back on track!

Let’s look at how…

Breathing and stretching

Breathing and stretching will seem like very simple workouts, but they are very effective in increasing your sex drive. You should regularly practice deep breathing and stretch to enhance your libido. There was a study conducted to check the impact of breathing and stretching on libido. The participants were required to take part in 20 sessions of breathing and stretching.

Those who participated in the breathing and stretching sessions experienced more sex drive than those who did not participate in those 20 sessions.

Exercises that can improve your image

It is obvious that you won’t feel confident if you’re not satisfied with your overall looks. This can drastically reduce your sex drive. The study shows that attractive self-image can increase both sexual desire and sexual frequency. You can try Pilates and other workouts to improve self-image.


Kegel exercises

There are plenty of studies and discussion about the impacts of pelvic floor exercises on libido. Working out your pelvic muscles can greatly improve your sexual experience. It strengthens the control of your muscles while having sex. Search for various kegel exercises for men, and add it to your workout plan. These exercises are simple exercises. Despite being simple exercises, these exercises are highly effective in enhancing your sexual ability.

Walk in the sunlight

Depending on the time of year and where you are in the world, this might be easier said than done! But let’s assume sunlight is available to you from time to time…

This is a simple and powerful way to improve your libido. Walking in the sunlight combines the benefits of both walking and sunlight. Sunlight helps to improve alertness and increase the level of energy in the body and provides essential vitamin D. And when you regularly go for a walk in the sunlight, you will experience improvement in your sex drive.


As you are a WatchFit reader and hopefully a regular visitor to this website, I am reasonably sure that you are probably involved in regular workouts. But if you’re not, then start getting involved right away!

The study shows that regular workouts will enhance your overall health. And also make sure you include the exercises that are mentioned in the list above – they really do hit the spot! In addition to including these exercises in your fitness plan, you should also try various other ways to enhance your libido. There is plenty of information out there.

Learn to stimulate your sex drive and your life will enjoy the most positive, healthy and energising boost!

By Shawn Clark



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