Stress-related conditions are a major contributing factor of both; the increase in working days lost and amplified health problems in our demanding world today.

The fight or flight built in stress response that where vital for our ancestor’s survival; that of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol being released from the endocrine system, to make the heart pump faster giving an instant energy boost to the body and brain.

Muscles would tense, cholesterol production increase causing the blood to thicken and blood vessels would constrict, the body’s natural pain killers would be released, oxygen consumption increased, are not used in the same way now.


Today our body’s still have this built in auto response to stress, but not to fight off marauding animals, invaders and to hunt for food.

The prolonged emotional and physical demands of your fast paced lives continually trigger the body into the fight or flight reactions, as the hormones released build they become a toxin in our own body’s, which tend to cause heart attacks, strokes, cancers, stomach ulcers and much more.

We habitually learn to ignore symptoms. Here are 8 symptoms areas of extreme fatigue you may still be ignoring.

Behavioural changes

Feeling constantly irritable or always being on a very short fuse, having sense-of-humour failures, feelings of suppressed anger unable to voice concerns so aggressive behaviour unfolds or procrastinating to even start a project for fear of being judged, or you feel tired but wired. Rapid mood swings

Emotional responses intensified

Continual negative thoughts about the job, relationships, other people and self. Overwhelming feelings when approaching more than one job, having tears for no apparent reason.

Sleep patterns

Tired all the time, insomnia, waking up at the same time every night 2 or 3 hours before the alarm is set. Lack of quality sleep.

Physical symptoms

Headaches, muscle cramps, Constant thirst, feeling clammy, to cold or to hot and experiencing palpitations. Feeling dizzy or faint

Digestive changes

symptoms of extreme fatigue2

Lack of appetite, food cravings, poor digestion, frequent urination, constipation or diarrhoea or a quick fluctuation between both.

Brain function

It may also be affected; it doesn’t work properly, you forget simple words or names. Enter a room and forget what you have gone in for.

Auto immune response

Recurring cold/flu symptoms, prolonged stress makes the body far more acidleaky gut is a growing consequence showing an impact on increased auto immune conditions, eczema, psoriasis and eventually osteoporosis.

Energy Levels 

Finding you are unable to maintain the pace of life you are used to, your workout normal workout schedule is now very challenging, feeling completely unachievable and exhausting. Lack of motivation, difficult to concentrate.

If any or these entire symptoms sound familiar you need to stop the triggering behaviour, rest and nature your mind and body, learn new coping mechanisms, talk to a professional that you trust, as the next step would be total burn-out physically, mentally or in combination.

It may show itself in many different ways in our minds and bodies, as we are all very individual living extremely diverse lives. Key note; don’t ignore it change with it.

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