If the reports that we read are to be believed, it seems we may be in for a great Summer this year.

For many though, the Summer months,and increased temperatures, can often be a problem for regular exercisers.

Those used to working out in group exercise sessions, can find their classes uncomfortably warm, and that environment can have an impact on your workout.

The key to maintaining a comfortable experience during the hot Summer months, is to keep focused on how you are feeling and performing during the session.

Obviously the most important tip for working out in the heat, is to keep hydrated during the session.

Plenty of water will keep you cool and help your muscles perform better, especially in your HIIT classes, but look out for products such as Power Ice, that has been designed specifically to combat hydration problems in the heat.

Clothing can also be vital when combating the Summer heat wave, however the good news is that advances in breathable kit can make the experience much more tolerable.

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Moisture wicking mesh, often used in pro cycling events, can keep your core temperature down, by allowing the air to move through your body as you move, and for you outdoor enthusiasts, there are vented shirts that have built in insect repellents to keep bothersome insects at bay as you run.

Clothing designed to repel the suns rays are also handy when out cycling or running in the Summer sun, and if you are exercising outdoors, stock up on sun block to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Similarly, protect your eyes by finding suitable sun glasses to wear while outdoors.

To reduce your risk of sun stroke, rearrange your schedule so you do your outdoor work later in the day when the sun isn’t quite so punishing.

summer health tips 2

Thankfully many gyms now have air conditioning for gym bunnies that still want to workout in doors, but think about reducing your intensity during cardio workouts to help you stay safe.

These obvious but often overlooked tips may help you this Summer to keep your regular workout schedule on track.

Plan those outdoor runs, walks and cycles carefully, protect your skin and stay hydrated and don’t worry Autumn will be just around the corner.

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