It’s no secret, smoking is no good for anybodyEver. It damages everything from the hair follicles on your head to your toenails and just about everything in between – including an unborn child.

It therefore goes without saying that, although no time is good to smoke, during pregnancy is an absolute no no. There is no clearer message than; Stop smoking while you are pregnant!

Giving up is very much a personal experience and differs for each individual. I know people who smoked loads and then just decided to stop one day and did so easily and without ever looking back. Then there are those who spend a lifetime paying for their decision to start smoking and their subsequent addiction. For them patches, pills and hypnosis fail to provide a lasting solution.

For woman at least, if there is one time and one reason to kick this filthy, fatal habit it must be whilst pregnant. 

Such aggressive pollution of your body cannot be any less than very bad thing and even the most ardent smoker will concede it’s not wise during pregnancy.

But what are the issues?

I think the most important thing to consider here is how smoking during pregnancy can affect your baby. Research says smoking cigarettes is probably the No.1 cause of adverse outcomes for babies; babies born prematurely, babies born too small, babies who die before they can be born at all.

The truth is pregnancies would be safer and babies would be healthier if pregnant smokers could somehow swap their habit for even a serious disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure, as these conditions can be controlled with medications.

When a pregnant woman smokes, nothing can protect her baby from danger

In my opinion after reading through the research, if the basic facts about the very real dangers and lasting damage caused by fags is not enough to turn a woman against her fags habit, then I really and truly don’t know what can.

There are 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. 60+ are cancer causing. If you smoke whilst pregnant you are pouring this into your bloodstream which is your baby’s only source of nutrients and oxygen.

Do you really want to force feed your baby cyanide and lead?

The list of problems it can cause to an unborn baby is so long and scary: low birth weight, premature birth, still born, under developed bodies, heart defects, brain issues, low IQ, behavioural problems. And these are lifelong issues.

Why condemn your baby to a life of such issues when they were totally innocent and defenceless?

stop smoking while you are pregnant_2Growing a precious gift inside you is something amazing and should never be taken lightly. The very least we can do is try and ensure it is a healthy process and one that means a our baby enters the world with the best start in terms of health.

Anyone who is pregnant and smokes should really sit down and do the research. And if that doesn’t work they need to sit down with family, friends or even behavioural and psychological professionals until they understand what their priorities are.

The facts are stark, harrowing and unarguable and that should be more than enough to make the person quit.


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