Most individuals suffer with stomach bloating on a regular, if not daily, basis. Everybody experiences bloating sometime in their lives, whether that experience is from gas passing through their mouth in a form of a “burp” or from their rectum in a form of “flatus”. In fact, a healthy individual may pass “flatus” up to 20 times daily!

Sounds disgusting when you really think about it, but in reality, is very normal and a cause from gas being trapped in the intestines and colon which produces something we call bloating. But just because bloating is normal, doesn’t mean it is fun to deal with, much less experience.

Nor is it necessary and something we have to put up with. There are ways in which we can identify stomach bloating causes to make these experiences more irregular and less likely to happen in the near future. Let’s take a look at some common stomach bloating causes.



This is a large influence in the ongoing trend of stomach bloating today. In fact, we can just come right on out and say that it IS the main culprit of stomach bloating today. Foods that cause stomach bloating include cruciferous ones like broccoli, cauliflower, and even spinach and kale.

Additionally, legumes are well known for their stomach bloating and gas producing abilities. Avoiding these may help, but they aren’t necessarily the main cause of your bloating. Take a look at what you’re drinking. Does it contain added sugar substitutes? If so, try and limit your daily amount because of the bodies’ inability to fully digest these unnatural chemical substitutes.

On a side note, high salt foods are known to be a triggering factor in water retention of the upper and lower extremities, as well as the abdominal area. Yes, that means stomach bloating! Try and lay off high sodium foods. There are also beneficial foods for the stomach that can even reduce and prevent bloating.

Or, maybe you have food sensitivity. I’m sure you’ve heard the word “gluten” before? If so, you guess right. This is a stomach bloating cause and one that is well known throughout the world, as we’ve hit a “gluten-free” craze.  Gluten is actually a protein found in wheat products, so try switching to gluten-free to see if this changes any experiences for you.

Also, lactose (milk protein), soy based foods, and tree nuts (peanuts for example) are all common stomach bloating causes. Try limiting these for a few weeks to see if symptoms decline.

Lastly, habits like chewing gum, drinking out of straws, smoking, breathing through your mouth (like when your congested), not drinking enough water daily, and being sedentary- area all agents in stomach bloating and will play a large indicator on how your intestines function.

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Yes, we really are going to go there and discuss this topic. In fact, it’s a vital topic that is under-discussed in my opinion. Did you know that over 4 million Americans suffer with chronic constipation! Plus, to top this off and make matters worse, Americans are spending millions of dollars annually on medications and laxatives to try and combat this problem.

Medications and laxatives can only do so much however, and don’t actually address the situation wholly, only underlying the problem which stays unresolved. Making the necessary diet and lifestyle modifications are what is going to turn this constipation around.

Drinking lots of water daily, consuming fresh whole foods and plenty of veggies and fruits, along with healthy supplementations like dried prunes, dates, raisins, and natural fiber sources are what will get that digestive system flowing once again.

Did you know that getting in daily exercise will provide the necessary stimuli that the colon needs in order to make removal of the intestines by-product a breeze? Plus, exercise can be done free of charge- you just have to make the time for it!


Yes, stomach bloating is caused by having an abundance of gas within the intestines. Things like carbonated beverages, alcohol, sugary beverages and foods, and gum are known for their stomach disrupting features.

If this is an effect for you, try soothing remedies to help gas, like: drinking peppermint, ginger, or fennel tea. All of these have been proven in research to help aid with gas and soothing a bloated stomach.

Water Retention

This usually isn’t life threatening but is normally present after a splurge of some sort, for example: eating high salt foods at a buffet. The next morning, you may just as well be experiencing water retention, feeling bloated; with puffy face, arms, and legs. Eating less salty foods, drinking more water, and getting daily exercise will help to keep the sodium levels balanced and controlled within your body.

During PMS and pregnancy, women will often times experience water retention due to hormonal fluctuations. This is normal and hormones can be better controlled with a healthy diet and daily exercise.

Acid Reflux

This is a present symptom in our day, especially with the extreme availability of high fat and processed foods. The main indicators of acid reflux are a bad diet and lifestyle, which contributes to bloating, obesity, and much more. Cells lining the stomach produce gastric acids and other compounds which are important in helping to break down proteins and release nutrients in our body for absorption.

These acids released within our bodies are controlled by bicarbonate, which neutralizes the acids and protects the delicate lining within our bodies from being damaged. However, too much consumption of high fat and processed foods will override this neutralizer and that is when we experience acid reflux. Staying away from unclean and over processed foods will definitely lower, if not erase, symptoms of acid reflux.

These are some of the main stomach bloating causes in our generation today. Making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes will help you limit the unfriendly causes from stomach bloating, and hopefully prevent it in the future! A general strategy to help you address stomach bloating is to eat smaller portions, limit those trigger foods, and plan to get daily exercise– even if it’s just a simple walk after dinner.

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