The world we live in has made us overweight and unhealthy and it is time we take back our health and start to live a vibrant life.

Fast food restaurants offer so many dollar menu items, stress increases cortisol levels increasing the amount of fat in our bodies.

We are stressed so we increase our alcohol which is filled with sugar and empty calories.


We reach for quick food items that are not healthy and we eat on the go and don’t make time to exercise as well as binging to make up for the meals we lacked.

Regain control of your health

The combination of negative choices we make, stress and wrong food selections are making us unhappy, symptomatic and unhealthy even if our blood tests show otherwise.

I will teach you some simple yet powerful ways that are not too time consuming to gain control of your health!

When you finally get tired of not fitting into your clothing, having high blood pressure or high cholesterol, seeing your weight increase and your energy decrease, your moods fluctuate and you don’t feel as attractive, then you will take massive action to gain control of your health.

Clean eating

First thing you should do is get on a clean diet.

A diet that consists of non – processed, organic (if possible), low to no complex carbohydrates and little to no sugars, non GMO food choices, lots of fruits and cooked vegetables, some nuts, small amounts of meats and dairy as well as keeping yourself hydrated with water and tea.

You will see your glycemic index stabilized if you are following my suggestions as I have described.

You will lose weight and your energy will be increased from loving your body more and being able to fit into your clothes as well as feeling more confident.

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Get moving

The next thing you must do is make time for some exercise in your life and get your body moving.

When you exercise it builds muscle, decreases fat, your endorphins are elevated and you excrete toxins through sweating as well as burning calories.

You can take a yoga class at your local gym or purchase Forbes Riley’s Spin Gym fitness tool and go from flabby to fabulous!

The Spin Gym is set up for people to easily use at their desk, on a break, in your car and really just about anywhere! I encourage you to purchase this inexpensive fitness tool and begin seeing results quickly, if you use it as directed.

Ask the professionals

My third piece of advice is to visit your doctor or health care provider as soon as possible and get a full physical, the necessary blood work they need to ensure you are on the right track to good health and be honest with them about how you are feeling.

Blood work can often times show important information that we cannot diagnose without it.

Your physician can also refer you to specialist if they feel it is necessary.

They also can test for genetic disorders and suggest some preventative health precautions and give you an excellent protocol in order to avoid genetic predispositions such as heart disease or high cholesterol.

You owe it to yourself to make an appointment as it could save your life.

Get rid of external toxins

Lastly, eliminate toxic people and relationships that no longer serve you and make you miserable.

You will feel a sigh of relief when the wrong people leave your life, making room for the healthy people that allow us to set healthy boundaries. Toxic

people make us toxic and we walk around miserable, full of resentments and sick. Give yourself the gift of absence with people that harm you mentally, emotionally, physically or verbally.

Rebuild the ruins

As you can see how imperative it is to take care of ourselves and to take control of our health before it takes control of us and ruins what we have tried to build.

It is our right and conscious choice in life to be well and choose to live life vibrantly. Step into your power and take massive action for powerful results!

I believe in you and give you permission today to just be healthy for you. Visit me on my WatchFit page for additional ways in living and feeling healthy and using preventative health measures to do just that!

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