There are many kinds of morning people. Some of them fly off the bed the second their alarm clock goes off. Some open just one eye, stretch out and slowly get up. And there are some that press snooze button few times before they even open their eyes.

I think I’m all of these types depending on the day and how much sleep I got! How about you?

As the day goes along, we all think what else can we do to make this day and ourselves better than the person next to us. Only joking! Better than we were yesterday. Daily.


We should do this as life is a constant process of change and improvement in all areas

But unfortunately so many people are having deja vu . Meaning; their day today is exactly the same it was yesterday and day before and even last month. How sad and boring is that you might say.

But let’s have a look at your life schedule. How often do you actually plan your day? How often do you know how to “measure your progress “. As if you don’t know where you going, you will be very surprised when you will arrive at the wrong destination. It’s like getting into the cab and asking driver to take you somewhere. How do you know when you will arrive? It can end up being a very costly and unsatisfying drive through your life!

I’d like to share with you few things you can do to enter a correct destination into your life sat navigation. Sounds like I’m asking you to do something big and challenging? Not at all!

One of the things we need to do is to wake up 10 min earlier each day.

10 mins might seem like not much time at all but when you utilise every second of this time into your day planning, you will see that it’s enough to start changing your day, week, month and your life .

To make it even tastier for you to open your eyes earlier, let me share with you few benefits of an early bird.

First of all, you are the first person to be up in your house. It’s so quiet, calm and belongs just to you. You are in charge and complete control of what you want to do.

I love to start my day with a cup of Italian espresso and dark chocolate. Opening the windows and listening to the birds singing, doing my morning exercise. And of course, checking my diary for a day menu of my actions. I usually plan my day the night before.

It is very powerful as you already setting your body and nervous system for success and action. In the morning I just read it again and try to do the most challenging thing first. Doing that really empowers me!

Did you know that we get energy for all that we need to do during the day. It’s like a credit card but instead of money, we get energy reserves. If you have nothing planned, your brain thinks you are having a quiet day and your energy is therefore limited.

Do you ever notice that the less you do the less energised you feel? So let’s plan your day and you will feel how your body responds to your actions.

reasons to wake up early_2

Another benefit of waking up earlier is that you have enough time to prepare for the day.

Suddenly you are not stressing and not rushing around the house trying to do numerous things in a very short period of time . Hence the whole family is more relaxed and enjoying their mornings much more.

Do you have a favourite book you want to read but never enough time? Do yo have a language you want to learn? I’m sure that you were thinking about starting your new exercise plan – maybe one of the many to download here in WatchFit – but again not enough hours in the day.

Well now you can do it. Magically you have additional / extra time that you were looking for everywhere. It’s here, take it, use it and enjoy it!

Start from small things and you will get hooked as the energy you will generate from doing things you love is very powerful and infectious .

Very soon you will encourage the whole family to do the same. No words needed for that, just be an example and they will follow.

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