Ahhhh, that often talked about requirement that we have been hearing about since we can remember. Sleep, we need to get quality sleep but it often seems to elude us!

So many of us find is difficult to maintain good regular sleep patterns and we really need to do something about this.

Sleep is crucial if you want a premium body!


There are a plethora of adverse effects from short sleep duration such as: stroke, myocardial infarctions, and congestive heart failure 1, to conditions of impaired glucose tolerance 2, increased cortisol and elevated blood pressure all of which may have long-term negative effects on health and contribute to development of disease (e.g. diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

In addition, depression and anxiety have been linked to insufficient sleep 3.

It’s true that the amount of sleep is important, but the quality of sleep is also very crucial. Without going into the details of sleep cycle, I think it’s important to note that research suggests that deep sleep plays a major role in physiological restoration, especially in relation to cardiovascular and endocrine function 4.

It’s generally accepted that performing regular aerobic exercise can decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and improve sleep quality.

Intense Resistance Exercise_2But what about resistance exercise?

The added benefits of performing resistance exercise, particularly intense resistance exercise,  may render this mode of exercise a higher priority for certain populations (i.e. college students). There is little information on the effects of resistance exercise on sleep. In addition, there isn’t any information on how timing of resistance exercise may influence sleep.

Recently, a group of researchers examined the acute effects of timing of resistance exercise on sleep architecture in healthy college students while simultaneously determining the effects on nocturnal blood pressure 5.

Main findings

• The timing of resistance exercise didn’t significantly affect the average night time blood pressure or deep sleep.

• Performing resistance exercise at any time of the day enhances the ability to stay asleep as compared with not performing this mode of exercise.

• When compared to the control group who had no exercise, all resistance exercise days showed significantly fewer times woken during the night.

These findings provide additional support for the potential of exercise, specifically resistance exercise to improve sleep. This research provides reason for future work into the use of resistance training as a nonpharmacological means of enhancing sleep quality in groups that may suffer from disturbed sleep.

It’s important to also note that orthopedic limitations may prevent aerobic exercise participation and make resistance exercise a more realistic option for certain elderly individuals.

Implications of this research

• There are many, many benefits of resistance exercise and enhanced quality of sleep is another huge benefit of performing a structured, progressive resistance training program.

• It’s evident from this research that people who do not engage in regular aerobic exercise due to health or other limitations, could enhance their ability to maintain sleep and concurrently limit the risk of developing adverse health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression, which are all associated with poor or insufficient sleep, by incorporating resistance training into their weekly routines.

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