Meditating is often associated with sitting cross legged in a lotus position while channeling the deeper vibrations of the universe. Sources over the years have fed us this stereo typed image and many of us still believe this to be the truth.

However, meditating is now part of the daily routine of many powerful movers and shakers, that have realized that time out is often the only way to move forward.

However, more and more people are starting to recognize the benefits of this ancient practice, and today I hope to show you how you too can begin an experiment in self discovery.


First things first though, why exactly do people meditate?

Well there are many different answers but the most common fall into these categories.

Meditating helps you relax, it focuses the mind and it helps you sleep better.

There have also been some recorded health advantages, as people testify that through meditation they have reduced cholesterol, blood pressure and hypertension.

So where to begin?

There are many schools of thought about how to meditate, but for this article I will assume that you are new to this and looking for a first step.

Well it couldn’t be easier.

The secret of meditation is, there is no secret. Anyone can do it, and the more you do it, the better you get at it.

What you will need is a little time on your own, and literally no distractions. Turn off your TV, your lap top, your phone and anything else that will get in the way. You have to be sure that nothing will intrude into your private paradise, so make sure that the house is empty and your gadgets are turned off. Now forget about all your pre conceived ideas, and start by finding a comfortable position to lie or sit down. A dark room is often helpful in the early stages, but eventually this is not necessary.

Once you find a relaxed environment, it’s time to get started.

How to start meditating_2

We are going to start with only 10 minutes, so tell yourself you are meditating for this length of time and begin by regulating your breathing. Take long deep breathes, in through your nose, exhale through the mouth, and as you exhale imagine yourself relaxing every time. With each breathe, you will start to feel your muscles relaxing and already you will be starting the process.

Now the important thing here, is to focus on nothing else except your breathing, and how relaxed you feel. Eventually you will be aware of nothing except the gradual feeling of peace and relaxation. As you continue, your breathing will slowly become lighter and your mind will be quiet and relaxed.

At this stage you will be meditating. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment and when you feel you have reached this stage, you can slowly bring yourself back out of the meditating process whenever you like. Initially, depending on how you feel, there is often the temptation to simply nod off, so remember to tell yourself when you begin, that your meditating is only for a short time.

Your brain will do the rest.

By opening your eyes you will return from your state and feel instantly refreshed and invigorated. Future sessions will become easier and more rewarding.

Even 10 minutes a day can be hugely beneficial, and may afford you the respite you may be needing from your busy schedule. If you need further help, there are many YouTube videos that will guide you through the process, but try it for yourself and see if you can find your own way to inner happiness.

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