Andrew Johnson is undisputedly a leader in his field. Over 10 million downloads of his apps and mp3s bears testament to that. His voice has guided millions around the world to deeper, sounder sleep, to stress relief, weight control, quitting smoking and greater mindfulness through meditation.

And now WatchFit is thrilled that Andrew has joined its team of Contributing Experts. His superb knowledge, skills and experience can prove invaluable to many and we are so happy to make them available through the WatchFit website and app platforms.

Guy Holland asked a few questions to the man behind the voice!


Your line of work is much more understood, accepted and accessible these days and you are very much an industry pioneer. What brought you into it 20 years ago?

I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1995, so this is my 20th year in business.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in the power of the mind.  I was introduced to some of the classic “Positive Mental Attitude” books in my early teens.

I was also taught basic meditation techniques at 17 and loved the simplicity of it.I came to Hypnotherapy after experiencing a session for myself in 1993 and instantly knew that this was the direction I should be heading in.

You must have seen a massive evolution in the industry over the years with apps changing everything for you.

As a therapist, you are limited by the hours in the day and the daily rate you can charge and although I got into Corporate Stress Resilience Training in the late 90’s, my recordings did about as well as they could and were well received, but they had a limited audience and reach. The App store changed that. It gave me access to a vast audience and took my business to a completely different level.

You had the vision to get involved with the App Store in the very early days when there were only a few thousand apps in it. This quickly gave you a global audience. Do you see different trends around the world where some places might be more interested in certain programmes than other countries or continents?

The Andrew Johnson apps sell very well in predominantly English speaking countries as you would expect, although they also sell well where you find English spoken well as a second language – such as throughout Scandanavia.  The breakdown in sales of specific titles is much the same across all countries.

It looks like Sleep and Weight Loss are major areas for you

The recordings are obviously quite general in nature and cannot be tweaked for individuals. Therefore the apps that sell and work the best are the ones where most people have similar issues. Deep Sleep is my best selling recording and Weight Control tackles the majority of bad habits that lead to people continuing to put on weight and seemingly fighting a losing battle with it.

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You have been a leader in the market for over a decade and are globally recognised for your work in this field – I gather you have even been recognised from your voice alone as far away as the USA! What do you think the next trends and breakthroughs are likely to be?

Yes that did happen in America. Somebody just heard me talking in a shop and came over and asked if I was Andrew Johnson. It was a slightly surreal moment! Mindfulness is becoming much more mainstream now. There are huge opportunities to teach preventative mindfulness, resilience and meditative techniques to more and more people.

With mobile devices becoming ever more commonplace, I foresee very clever ways of creating more “personalised” delivery. Precisely the kind of thing WatchFit is doing in fact, by delivering great informative, guiding and motivating health, fitness, diet and wellbeing apps straight to phones and tablets.

Do you apply your methods on yourself?

I do. Like all inner works, as you integrate the techniques into daily life, it becomes habitual and after a while the individual steps of the technique fade and it becomes a natural process. This is a wonderful stage to get to and can create lasting change physically, emotionally and energetically.

The pace of life seems to be forever quickening and there is increasing talk of stress related illnesses. If you were to give people a simple piece of advice that they can adopt and benefit from generally, what would it be?

Learn the basics. Take your time and don’t force it. Stress kills creativity, disrupts sleep and left unchecked can cause long lasting damage.  Think of these new skills as an investment into prevention.

You are from Scotland but now based in London, it must be a very different pace of life and one that is more likely to be in need of your therapies. Certainly the corporate sector seems to be more and more aware of adopting this sort of thing for their workforces. Are you looking at ‘workforce wellbeing too?

For many years I ran a hugely popular workshop called “Stress ToolBox” and i’ve been starting to promote it again down in London.  When people can experience relaxation techniques, realise that they can recreate them themselves and then learn the massive benefits of creating positive habits, then it can be life changing.

I’m aware you do many group talks, are people able to see you for one-to-one sessions?

I stopped seeing private clients three years ago, but I will always organise something if someone gets in touch.

The fitness industry is made up of many elements but what most people still think of first is probably the gym. Then there is the vast diet and nutrition industry too and we have seen a boom in the supplements market over the last decade. Do you see the mind being the next big area we need to work on to enjoy true, balanced and all-round fitness? 

Absolutely. A change in thinking can create vast change physically, energetically and habitually. For many people, it can be the catalyst to greater success, creativity and wellbeing in all areas of their life.

We are delighted to welcome you to the WatchFit team of Expert Contributors and know that you will continue to have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of so may people around the world.

WatchFit Experts change lives!

And they can do the same for you.


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