Exposing your skin to chemicals

It is not only the food that we eat that is making us sick studies have found that around 884 chemicals that are used in personal care products, is it any wonder that we are ending up with skin issues and that most people either have sensitive skin or some form of eczema or psoriasis.

It is estimated that women put over 200 chemicals on their bodies before they leave the house in the morning and we are all exposed to thousands of chemicals in daily living.

Many products (shampoos, deodorants, lotions, make-up, even baby products) contain hormone disrupting chemicals, chemicals that have never been tested for health effects and we are putting these on our bodies day after day and the toxic exposure is adding up.

More damaging than you think

There is more and more evidence showing that chemical pollutants are contributing to an increase in chronic disease, which includes skin issues.

What you put on your skin is directly absorbed into your bloodstream – think of nicotine patches and why they work so well – it is because they are placed on the skin and then absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Synthetic fragrances

Fragrance may be the most common type of chemical in your house, it is used in laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, air fresheners, deodorizers, shampoos, hair sprays, gels, lotions, sunscreens, soaps, perfumes, powders and scented candles and dozens of other products you may not know about.

The term “fragrance” or “parfum” on personal-care-product labels can be a cover for hundreds of harmful chemicals known to be carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and reproductive toxicants, even at low levels so avoiding these is well worth the effort.

Sensitive skin shower products

Using good quality natural and organic products goes for your skin care products as well as your food and supplements.

This is the reason why I personally use Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic and will recommend them to my clients. They are an ethical company and their aim is to make 100% organic products, they also have the UK’s largest selection of Soil Association certified organic health and beauty products.

There are other companies out there that are making organic products so do shop around. But a word of caution in that some might say the product is “natural” or “organic” and this can be misleading, always trust the Soil Association logo – if it doesn’t have the logo and you have sensitive skin I would recommend erring on the side of caution.

Remedies for sensitive skin

sensitive skin shower products_2There are a  number of at home remedies or skin care that don’t have to break the bank, they are simple and easy to make at home and I share some of my favourite ingredients and simple recipes below:

Coconut oil

This can be used inside and out – always ensure that you are using raw, extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil.  You can use it on your skin as a moisturizer, as a shaving oil, use it for eczema and psoriasis.

1) Internal uses

– Add it to smoothies and to juices for energy and for health from the inside out. You can even cook with it, use it in baking and making sweet potatoes fries or roasted veg.

2) External uses

– It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial so great for any skin issues, it can also be used for toothpaste, as a face scrub with a bit of bicarbonate of soda and for oil pulling to help to get rid of toxins.

– For a soothing bath, mix 1 cup of coconut oil in hot bathwater. Soak in it for 15 minutes

Apple Cider Vinegar

This has antifungal properties and can help to treat skin issues relating to gut problems.

– The use of Apple Cider Vinegar for skin problems dates all the way back to Hippocrates (460-377 BC),

Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salts

These are packed with minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, these minerals are the same ones found in our skin cells and in our bodies so it can help to protect, balance and restore the skin

– Make your own scrub by adding 2 teaspoons of salt to 4 teaspoons of coconut oil

Aromatherapy Oil

Always use good quality pharmaceutical grade oils and add to a carrier oil before using such as coconut, almond or jojoba oil. My favourites for skin are Tea Tree, Lemon and Frankincense essential oils.

– Lemon oil can be used for fading scars, it can brighten and lighten skin and helps diminish acne due to its antibacterial properties.

A word of caution in that it is phototoxic, so don’t use lemon oil on your skin and then spend the day in the sun or on a tanning bed. Phototoxicity, is a reaction caused when essential oils on the skin are exposed to UV light – either from the sun or tanning bed.

Reactions can be severe, so please be careful.

– Frankincense helps protect skin cells. It can be used to help reduce acne, it helps to prevent wrinkles and will help lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of ageing.

Beautiful skin Tea by Neal’s Yard Remedies

The aforementioned Neal’s Yard Remedies and other quality brands produce great teas that help the skin. These include goji berry and rosehip which boost the skin’s natural radiance.

– Once you have used this for your tea you can add the herbs to juices or smoothies

Additional tips for sensitive skin

– Do not use petroleum-based products;
– Keep your skin care simple in both process and ingredients;
– Exercise daily to boost blood flow to the skin.
– Use only warm water to cleanse your skin and avoid extreme temperatures – hot or cold;
– Do not over-stimulate the skin rubbing or excessive or harsh cleansing;
– Avoid alcohol and smoking;
– Keep track of your allergens and avoid them.

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