Different worlds?

Ever considered that life is like living between different worlds?

One which seems like an illusion, a programme. You kind of know it, yet you go with the flow to fit in and you act according to the rules written in the game. A world where no one feels free and everyone seems to think that they have a role to fill… almost robot-like. To be a star, to be rich, to be a parent, a husband or a wife, to be a provider, to be a victim, a warrior or the super human saving ‘humanity’.


We believe we have been given a gift to serve this ONE purpose and when we cannot, we become frustrated, angry and anxious.

We blame the others and when we’re done, we start blaming ourself.

Blaming ourself for not knowing. So we begin to seek. Seeking to find our ‘real purpose’. The one and only! We get disappointed again and again…because the programme seems to have written different rules for people in the same game.

The rest don’t think or behave like we do. We are better than them… or we will never be as good.

The programme responds differently to the same actions. We get confused, we must be limited or blocked. We are broken so we need to be fixed.

When entangled in this illusive simulation, life is very serious, love must hurt. We want to own things and people, but we feel separated from it all.

We are considered heartless if we remain grounded when we ‘lose’ someone, not accepting that true love never ends. Not seeing that love is joy and not pain when you’re still able to connect.

But we are considered a saint if we portray ourselves as a victim, if our heart is closed, if we are anxious, in pain and are suffering.

We seem to reward suffering and punish joy!

Everyone wants to be happy, yet we condemn those who feel real joy!

‘I choose to suffer, so you must too’

We think we are successful when we accumulate possessions or fame, we think we own these without knowing that we are the ones being owned.

Searching for happiness

Frustrated and angry and in constant search for ‘truth and happiness’. As if it was somewhere beyond ourselves and as if it was in a different time. Disconnected from the bigger picture and getting more and more connected with the illusive programme.

Beyond senses?

…but how about a different world? A multi dimensional space and the bigger picture of life and reality, one where everything is connected…one where we are one with all, energy, information, cosmos, nature…almost like feeling the smallest change in our body when nature speaks. Sensing if it is going to rain or even creating thunder! Feeling and communicating without saying a word.

A dimension where you sense your senses beyond the senses written in this programme?

Senses that make you feel like you’re floating.

A state where you are less surprised or disappointed. You see with clarity and accept that the game has different frequencies. So you stay more detached from it all by cracking the code. Almost like bypassing the rules and disconnecting from the system, but connecting to it all through a different vibration.

Detached from the game altogether, yet connected to everything and transferring information through your own energy alone.

A zone that seems complicated when imagined, but while it exceeds the limitations of the imagination, it is its simplicity that is beyond imagination.

Totally nonsense? Or senses beyond this world?


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