You are probably sitting while you read this, and most defiantly at a computer screen on a tablet or phone. What does this mean for you? Well,  if we go off statistics, you’re increasing your likelihood of metabolic syndrome (heart disease, obesity and diabetes) by up to 26%. And you are becoming one at risk of becoming a sedentary statistic. And don’t think because you work out for an hour everyday you are off the lazy list.

What are the main sedentary lifestyle health effects?

The biggest problem with sedentary lifestyles is that it is prolonged hours of sitting, which is the problem. So hold your hand up if your work a 9-5 job and work at a desk, this means that the majority of people who work are increasing their risk of metabolic syndrome and other health related illness, due to increased bouts of sedentary living.


The British sports journal found that in 2008, 36% of people are considered inactive, with 59% of people never engaging in some form of vigorous exercise. They also found links that prolonged sitting has a direct link to metabolic syndrome. Many studies are now reporting that the average person is in front of a screen for 12 hours a day, the average American watches 5.11 hours of TV a day where its a little less over the pond in the U.K at 4 hours. This is all pointing to some terrible health concerns for the general public.
And just because you exercise does not mean you are safe from this, yes it will help, it will reduce many risks, make you fitter, stronger and healthier, but and the BUT is big, what are you doing when you are not working out??? Are you sitting all day, if so you are helping but not eliminating the risks. It all comes down to the amount of time you are sitting.
So the longer you are sitting for the more increased risk you are at of increasing the chance of metabolic syndrome and other related illnesses.

Sedentary lifestyle health effects - the WHOLE Truth

What can you do to prevent this and to help reduce the risks?

There are many things you can do, let’s start with a simple START MOVING. Start walking, using stairs not the lift, go for a walk at lunch, get off the bus/train one block earlier. Go for an evening walk, don’t just go from one chair to your couch.

Exercise is key, you don’t have to join a gym or bust the bank on fancy home equipment. The Mayo clinic advises that you should exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. With at least 2 strength work outs. Try something new, go and climb a rock wall, go paddle boarding. But lets be honest just be active, there are 100’s of exercises you can do at home with no equipment.

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