In the words of the Boomtown Rats, “I don’t like Mondays”, and nobody I know likes Monday either.

It’s the start of the working week and everyone is moody, out of sorts and blue.

It’s just the way things go, and you might as well suck it up and get on with it. Trouble is, I only pretend I don’t like Monday, to make my friends feel better about themselves. I teach on a Monday morning and, the truth is I really enjoy getting up and preparing for the first class of the week.


Why do we hate Mondays?

Later on, I will tell you why I think I cope a little better with Monday than my colleagues, in the meantime, let’s have a look at a few theories of why most of us actually do hate Mondays.

The heart of the matter for most of you, is the fact that you have to return to work.

We finish on Friday and the weekend beckons, and for most of the population, the weekend is when we can relax, kick back and do what we like to do.

Changing our internal clocks

Our bodies on a weekly basis, has to make the transition from work mode to party mode, and that can throw our internal mechanisms into a free fall.

I don't like Monday_21. The first things to change are our eating and sleeping patterns.

We eat, and possibly drink more than we do during the week, and often we oversleep. Now that on it’s own, only becomes a problem when we have to return to our weekly routines.

We know that scientifically, even getting a little more sleep than usual can wreak havoc with our cycles.

After a change in our sleep pattern, we suddenly have to re regulate for Monday morning. This can lead to us feeling sluggish and uninspired when we throw back the duvet at 6.30am on Monday.

2. For those of you that work with colleagues in an office type situation, the Monday rituals can also lead us to feelings of despondency. 

The return to the work place means we have to prepare to engage in the social and group rituals that humans need to engage in.

Whether it’s in the canteen or at the water cooler, we have a deep burning need to re establish ourselves in the pack, and that means conversing and forming those work place relationships again, after a two day break.

Once again, this can often prove stressful for many members of the work place.

The most stressful day of the week

The idea of Monday’s being more stressful is a pre conceived idea, as for many people, Tuesday or Thursday can be just as stressful as Monday, but we perceive it as being worse as we have wandered back to it after the weekend break.

If you have had a really wonderful weekend, relaxed, spent time with loved ones and basically chilled, the thought of Monday is obviously going to be a struggle.

If a lot of this seems obvious, there are also a few hidden messages that may be rooted deep in our subconscious, that makes Monday misery more palpable.

I don't like Monday_3Statistics show that you are much more likely to have a stroke or a heart attack on a Monday, than on any other day.

Studies also show that you are most likely to weigh more on a Monday, so now you know why people always seem to start diets on a Monday.

Your blood pressure is more likely to be higher on a Monday, and a lot of people are ill on Monday mornings. Studies show that the call off rate in office workplaces is much higher on a Monday than on any other day.

I can only guess at the reasons why. So is there a way around the Monday feeling?

Rethink your week

Well speaking personally, the reason I don’t get Monday blues, is because I’m usually working Sunday. As a fitness instructor, I timetable myself for a couple of classes, so when Monday arrives I’m already in the groove.

However, what can you do if it’s the start of your week?

Well here’s where we reach for our book of inspiring affirmations. A little early morning boost before we go to work can go a long way.

– Pick your favorite quote and post it everywhere

On the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on your laptop and phone. Reading something that makes you laugh or gives you hope, will set you up nicely for the day.

– How about you take 10 minutes extra in the morning for a little meditation

There are plenty of quick fixes on You Tube that will help you focus before work, and may banish the blues.

– Finally, of course, how about a quick HIIT workout when you get out of bed

A 4 minute Tabata session will clear away the cobwebs and get you set up for anything.

So forget about Mondays this year and change the way you think for a better start to the week.

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