During the hot months of the year, it is crucial to drink enough water not only to rehydrate the body but also so it can sweat normally. Water is essential for life and it is important to hydrate in order to be healthy.

By sweating, the body is cooling down (water evaporates from the skin and as a result cools the body). Thirst is the first sign that the organism is in the early stages of dehydration.

Dehydration can begin first thing in the morning with waking up. Therefore, it is good to start the day with a glass of water and continue drinking at regular intervals small quantities before you feel thirsty. Hydration helps clarity and concentration of the mind. Also, it is good to drink some water before bed and have a glass beside the bedside, just in case you get thirsty during the night. Night hours are long time to leave the body without water.


The amount of fluid required depends on age, physical activity and weather. The European recommendations propose 2L daily (~10 200ml glasses) for men and 1.6L daily (~8 200ml glasses) for women.

It needs to be taken into consideration that a large percentage of fluid intake by the body comes from various drinks such as juices, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, and soups. All the above can contribute to the hydration of your organism, since they contain water.


In the sun, during relaxation or doing water sports, make sure to hydrate your organism properly. Try to avoid beers, cocktails and spirits. All of them contain alcohol and makes you thirsty and produce a diuretic effect in the body and you become dehydrated. Water is the best option, it is only liquid without any calories.

Cold drinks can directly cool the body, but be aware which cold drinks you are consuming as a lot of them can be high in sugar and thus calories. Fresh and healthy cold drinks for the summer are cold peppermint tea with ice and squeezed lemon juice with ice. Excellent healthy choices include fresh vegetable juices, such as tomato, celery, carrot, cucumber, parsley, beetroot and pumpkin. A 3/4 cup (about 175ml) of pure vegetable juice is equivalent to one serving of vegetables. It’s an easy way to consume one or more of 5 a day of fruits and vegetables.

If you are outside home go for a cold sparkling water with a slice of lemon. Be prepared and carry a bottle of water with you always. This way you can ensure you are hydrated whilst you are in the office, on the road or at home. You can also fill up the bottle every time it’s empty.

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