As an holistic health and wellness coach I meet with a lot of people from different walks of life who have different health concerns and want to make changes to improve their health.

The most common aspect people focus on is weight loss. They tend to go on one of the numerous diets available in the hope that they will shed the pounds quickly and forever. Here’s the thing…No one diet fits all!

Here are a few reasons why?


1. We are all created as different individuals and we metabolize differently. Some of those diets would work for some folks and not work for others.

2. Depending on the state of the your health, choosing a diet plan off the shelf could have adverse effects

3. Trying several different types of diets could cause hormone imbalance

4. Every existing diet conflicts with every other diet which confuses you on what to eat and what not to eat – dairy, protein, carbs, meat etc.

Trained and certified health coaches like myself are taught specific strategies, techniques, methodologies and tools to help clients improve their health and lifestyle.

A personalized diet plan from a qualified health coach is key to your overall health and lifestyle. Here’s why:

• With expert advice, you get to understanding how your body works and what it needs to thrive

• A health coach will help you find out what foods work well for your body type and your health

• Your health coach helps identify areas in your life that you want to improve and helps you create a plan to get there

• Working with a health coach also gives you structure, accountability and inspiration to grow, increase self-awareness, commitment and confidence beyond what you can achieve on your own

• You get to learn about healthier, natural food options

• As health coaches take the holistic approach to health, you are encouraged to focus on your whole being. Focusing not just on diet and nutrition, but also on physical activity, career, relationships and spirituality.

Setting smart goals is an effective approach, which helps you establish both short and long-term goals that are constantly revisited with the support of your health coach in order to successfully achieve them.

• Getting expert support from a health coach will also help you re-train the way you think, establishing positive thought processes by identifying negative and irrational self-beliefs, making you aware of when those negative thoughts occur and applying tools to help you transform them.

personalized diet plan_2

So getting healthy is not just about changing your diet…

It’s more about making small changes to different aspects of life and turning that into a healthy lifestyle. You are able to see the value in reaching your health related goals and building a connection between physical activity, career, your spirituality and relationships with the support of a health coach.

With the support and accountability, you take control of your health and create lasting lifestyle changes that will enhance you not just in your health but physically, emotionally and mentally.

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