What is it and how to fight it?

You all probably have heard the word PH, either on a cream tube or a fancy conditioner. But have you ever questioned yourself about the meaning of that word?

PH is a scale, usually from 0 to 14, and indicate the acid\basic equilibrium. From 0 to 6 is acid, 7 is neutral and over 7 is basic or alkaline. In the human body the PH level may vary along the day but our blood needs to stay stable at PH 7.3, all the biochemical reactions can happen only at that PH level and even a slight variation may cause death. But how  does the body maintain the PH of the blood neutral?


First you need to know that the PH in our tissues may vary(differently from the PH of the blood). You also need to know that every food has a different acid or alkalizing charge. Therefore, according to our diet, we can either acidize or alkalize ourselves. If our tissues are too acidic(around PH 5) our body will try to compensate this acidity by using its reserves of calcium carbonate, that may be found in our kidneys and ultimately in our bones,  to keep the blood PH stable. You actually may have heard that too much proteins will decalcify your bones…well you can guess the reason now! In fact animal proteins are really acidic.

Many studies also demonstrate that a prolonged state of acidity is direct cause of stress, bad mood, poor and troublesome rest and slow muscles recovery. But when is our diet too acid?

The truth is that in western societies the majority of people has a very unbalanced and acidizing diet. Therefore they will constantly use their reserves of calcium carbonate, and later with age they will most likely encounter kidney problems or eventually osteoporosis.

Which foods are acids and which alkalizing?

One of the biggest causes of stress: ACIDITY

We can divide the foods three categories:

1)Light acids: Sugars and processed carbohydrates(sugary drinks, any kind of processed food like cereals, biscuits, pasta, bread etc.). Light acids can be eliminated with hyperventilation(any kind of activity that increases our need of oxygen like running, swimming or any other cardio activity).In fact the increased supply of oxygen due to cardiovascular activity will already burn most of the acidity caused by the intake of most carbohydrates. Therefore as long as we keep ourselves active the carbs we eat won’t hurt our PH balance too much.

2)Strong acids: Animal proteins(meat, eggs, milk, dairy). Those foods have such a strong  charge that the only way to rebalance our PH without depleting our precious reserves of calcium carbonate is to eat enough alkalizing foods.

3)Alkalizing foods: Guess what? Fruit and vegetables are really alkalizing, and you can guess that’s one of the main reasons vegans live longer and have less health issues.

Here you can find an easy chart displaying the PH charges of different foods.

Now I want to suggest a  few easy ways to alkalize ourselves. Few little tips to give us a rush of energy and happiness at the same time! It may sound very weird because the taste of lemon is very acid on our tongue but it is actually one of the most powerful alkalizing foods.

-Squeeze 1 fresh lemon in a glass of water every morning, it has a powerful alkaline charge.

-Eat fruit as a snack rather than cereal bars, you will feel less hungry and more energetic.

-If you train at the gym and therefore you eat a lot of proteins consider taking every day 2-4g of magnesium and potassium citrate. That would work as an insurance on your future health!

But be careful! Magnesium and potassium are important minerals but only the “citrate” or “carbonate\bicarbonate” formulas have an alkalizing effect.

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