Yesterday in Part 1 Holly Walsh introduced us to some great tips for healthy New Year resolutions. Here she concludes her list which will give you a flying start to a fit 2016! 

5. Take care of you

Self care is not selfish. It’s OK to take time to workout, listen to music, ask for help or get that manicure or massage you fancy.


Do something for yourself that eases your stress and calms the mind and body. After all what good will you be to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself?

6. Nourish the body with healthy whole foods

If you want to look and feel your best you need to fuel your body with healthy whole foods. Food is fuel for the body just like gas is fuel for your car.

Treat your body right by nourishing it with a variety of foods

What are whole foods? Anything that grows from the ground or a tree. Processed foods are those pre-packaged products that fill the supermarket shelves and make it quick and easy for us to grab it and go.

Have you ever stopped to read all the ingredients? Have you ever noticed that a lot of these products have health claims on the box?

These are the foods that you want to avoid

When we eat processed foods our body doesn’t know what to do with them. Our body has to work extra hard to digest them and process all the additives, sugar and chemicals. Eating these foods packs on the pounds and prohibits our body from running optimally.

new year resolutions for women_4When you consume processed foods all the time the body lacks the nutrients it needs to live and thrive. Over time this is where you pack on those extra pounds and feel sluggish.

You also develop a taste for these foods and the chemicals that go along with them so when you try to eat food in its natural state it doesn’t taste as good or it doesn’t satisfy you.

This is a vicious cycle that far too many people are stuck in and don’t even know it. Our bodies left to their own devices are well oiled machines that can heal themselves but without the proper nutrients they do not get the fuel they need to keep going.

7. Shed toxic relationships

Everyone has that friend that just sucks the life out of them. If you are feeling this way maybe it is time to re-evaluate your friendship.

Think ‘how does this friendship serve me?’ Is it beneficial to both parties? Is there mutual loyalty, love, respect and trust? If not it may be time to file that friendship in another place.

new years resolutions for women_28. Always be grateful

Studies have shown that being grateful may improve sleep, increase self esteem and that being grateful promotes good health. By focusing on what is good and right in our lives, the bad things seem smaller and allows us to grow stronger.

No matter how bad things are for you, remember it could always be worse.

Find the good in your life and appreciate it

Do your best to set yourself up for success and make your goals a priority. Making small changes you can stick to over time will help you form new healthy habits. Set reasonable goals that are attainable and don’t forget to schedule yourself some “me” time.

Fuel your body with whole foods so you can feel your best. Take a look at your friendships are any of them toxic? Most of all always be grateful.

So there’s my top healthy new years resolutions for women! I wish all of you a healthy and happy 2016. I hope that you find a way to achieve your goals that work for you. Love yourself and be kind. One day at a time you will get there!

Get Healthy. Find Balance. Be Happy.

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