Is losing ‪weight‬ or improving your ‪‎health‬ and ‪happiness‬ on your list of‪ ‎resolutions‬ for 2016?

How many gym contracts will be signed that you can’t get out of, and memberships that won’t get used? Buying food you think is healthy and then throwing it out because it doesn’t taste good and you think “healthy eating” sucks?

How many resolutions will be broken?


Let’s get real

The average 45-year-old has been on 61 diets, losing weight only to gain back more than they ever lost.

Now, I’m going to blow your mind a little bit here, and give you an inside scoop on why you’ve been doing it wrong.

Most people fall into one of 2 groups:

1. One group thinks they know what they have to do, and they just need to commit to doing it.

This can include: exercising more, eating less, eating more greens, counting calories, follow the X diet and many other ‘traditional’ methods. Do any of these sound fun to you? Something you would want to do for the rest of your life? They certainly wouldn’t motivate me, and I am healthy!

2. The other group has no idea what they need to do.

We’re bombarded with so much information from everywhere and most of it is conflicting between sources, and from one day to the next. How is anyone supposed to know what is the right way? The more I looked the more it used to make my head spin.

Then, I started to discover the magic pieces, and here’s your newsflash: there isn’t ONE right way.

3 Mistakes people make that keeps them overweight and unhealthy

There are 3 main reasons that you can never get off the treadmill (pun intended) with the knowledge you have, see and hear from almost every source.

new year commitments_2a) Trying to do what everybody else is doing

The main reason that health information is so confusing is that it tries to paint everyone with the same brush. We are all beautiful, unique individuals with unique preferences and unique metabolisms.

It’s important to know this because the same advice does not work for everyone.

When you try and fail with something that is ‘supposed to work’, it can be very discouraging and frustrating. The ones that we think work tend to be quick fixes, that give us quick results but results that never last long term.

b) Not paying attention to aspects of lifestyle like stress and sleep

Your body is like a machine, where it works best when all parts are working optimally. When you’re stressed out, you affect important hormones that regulate other processes in your body.

Sleep is also an important hormone regulator. Hormones are powerful metabolism regulators and if they are out of whack, your body has bigger things to worry about than dropping weight.

c) Not getting complete nutrition and just counting calories or points

Eating nutritious food (it’s not a “diet”) is the foundation for your health. Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how to even make time to prepare nutritious food is challenging.

“Eating healthy” can seem like such a time consuming and difficult task we often just don’t even try or we give up easily.

And if we’re simply counting calories or points, we can become severely nutrient deficient and that is completely unsustainable long term. All calories are not created equal.

new year commitments_3Here is a good article with pictures on what 200 calories looks like. Which has more vitamins and minerals – the mini peppers or the gummi bears? I’m quite sure you know the answer.

So if all you’re worrying about is the numbers, you’re missing out on the magic ingredients. Literally, the nutrition in real food is like magic for your cells!

So what kind of New Year commitments are worth making?

You need to find out what works for YOU

Focus on your food, sleep and stress first and the rest will be easier to implement. You don’t need to change everything at once, that’s hard for anyone. Be gentle with yourself and use your smile muscle a lot.

If you invest in any one thing, find a nutritionist

Not just any nutritionist, but one that focuses on personalization, gut health, blood type and a holistic approach. Weight loss is a beautiful side effect of a healthy body. That’s where the magic is.

We’re supposed to be having fun, and sharing our gifts with each other

Feeling alive every day. My passion is to work with clients and help them change their lives forever. We work together and I teach them the tools they need to be set free and not need to worry about weight or health anymore.

Aren’t you tired of always feeling “OK”, feeling guilty when you eat, always making promises to yourself that you just can’t seem to keep, which sparks another cycle of guilt? This is not how we’re supposed to live our lives!

Commit to taking it one day at a time. Commit to finding a team of people around you that will support your in your goals.

When you start to feel amazing every single day, you’ll be ready to go out and live that life you always dreamed about but didn’t think was possible.

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