Hi everybody I hope you all have been working hard, training hard, and most importantly training safely and well.

I’m sure you been enjoying some great new benefits and results from the fitness topics I’ve assisted with in the past but today let’s get into a topic that seems a little bit more straight forward and less complicated than some of the others. Muscle Building….


Now i know for a lot of you the first thoughts that come to mind are, “That’s not to difficult to do right? All I need to do is lift a lot of weights, make sure they are heavy, and make sure I do it a few times each week.”

But, I assure you even something like building muscle is not that simple and involves much more science, manipulation, and specificity in your techniques than you would think.

In fact, from all that I’ve seen over the years I would say that building muscle can be just as difficult to do as results more commonly viewed as being tough like fat loss!

There are many reasons why and they cover a very broad range of obstacles, so here I want to give you some great secrets as well as all the main do’s and don’ts of weight training that I’ve seen and experienced as being the most problematic in peoples’ efforts to build muscle.

Definitely take these to heart and work hard to be consistent with these tips! Remember successful fitness, no matter what the desired result, always requires effective technique on a permanent basis!

More is not always better.

– Weight training is scientific and needs to be structured into a specific volume of activity along with a specifically chosen weight. Ex… 4 to 6 sets at whatever weight causes failure at 8 to 12 rep failure

– Your weight used on any exercise should not be increased or lowered from set to set as you train. Rather, choose a weight that creates the desired intensity at your target rep goal, and only change weight depending on whether you are able to hit that rep goal.

– There is such a thing as too many exercises during a particular session. Muscles have a set training capacity that if you exceed, even if not injuring them, they stop adaptation for that day.

– There is such a thing as too many sets on a particular exercise for all the above reasons.12-muscle-building-secrets-nobody-has-shared-with-you_2.jpg

Technique means everything.

– Go through full range of motion with your exercises. Muscles that can lift a weight from a more elongated position build more power and strength and recruit more muscle fibers to help your performance.

– Muscles have a property about them called the Stretch Elastic Component, meaning that during a movement if it is stretched far enough before raising the weight it can produce more force and speed.

– More force and speed equals more weight able to be lifted, and more weight lifted leads to stronger bigger muscles.

– During any rep there is the part of the movement where you are done lifting the weight but then have to slowly lower it back down before the next rep.

– This is called the Eccentric phase. This stimulates an intensity in the muscles that causes them to adapt to it if taken advantage of it. Also because you can slowly lower heavier weight than you can actually raise, the added intensity can be used to enhance intensity.

Understand the Science.

– Leg and lower body weight training helps with upper body and overall muscle gains because them being the largest muscles, to train them produces a high level of testosterone that the body can use to improve other areas.

– Stick with muscle building intensity for several weeks to months. Switching every few days or weeks from size to what they call high rep low weight “cut” training never allows the muscles to fully learn the muscle building intensity.

– Trust Science. Not myths.

– For all the women out there, challenging weight in and of itself cannot make your muscles bulky on a non feminine level.

– That takes high enough weights that you can’t lift more than 10/12 times as well as testosterone levels that you don’t have. You’re safe if you’re just training for burn!

– Rest and recovery is just as important as the training, and if not used enough can definitely result in detraining where the body actually regresses in defense despite all the training.

– Carbohydrates are also a muscle building macronutrient. Not just protein.

 – So there you are! These little bits of information should be really helpful to you with your weight training. These are the most common muscle building obstacles I have observed with clients and people in general over my career, and I have also learned a lot about the science of muscle stimulation through research articles.

These particular facts I’ve highlighted come mostly from my studying of articles in National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) Journals. The NSCA is a top organization in the fitness industry!

You are good to go with these tips! Go get to it and be train hard and well, but again, be specific and consistent adopting these tips and techniques. I am interested to hear how it goes for you trying these so please write me some feedback or any questions related to this article! Let’s work together on this.

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