You’re kidding yourself if dieting alone is going to keep you from obesity. A different type of action is needed now!

These are the headlines in the news today:

“By the time we hit 2025 1 in 5 adults globally will be obese.”


“Britain is set to be the fattest in Europe.”

Future society, future health

Although these studies were measured on the BMI scale this still shows a significantly big problem with our future society and our future health and well-being needs.

The time to take action is now…nothing is ever too late!

We speak to a lot of people who have tried countless diets to lose weight. They have tried shakes, low fat, low carb, high protein, pills, some even more drastic measures and had surgery or starvation.

Weight creeping back

The weight is initially lost, but then when you reach a certain weight – your target weight shall we say – your weight starts to creep back on again, slowly but surely the weight creeps back to the starting position.

If you are lucky, you will escape the extra 10% bonus weight that goes with it. Sometimes, but not often though.

So why is dieting alone not the answer?

In short, because you are not changing anything other than what you put in your mouth.

We are creatures of habit and we become our habits and these are indicative of our lifestyle.

The main aim of this game is to be able to not just lose weight but to be fit and healthy, to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and live well both physically and mentally. To invest in your health rather than just pay it a little visit every now and again when you feel that you have to lose some weight.

You need to treat it like a close family member and not a pen pal.

nationwide obesity_2Don’t solve one problem, solve them all

When you diet you are only looking to solve one problem: your weight. This is not the only habit in your lifestyle that will be contributing to your weight gain, and unhappiness. There will be other factors which can include:

– Environment
– Thoughts and self belief
– Activity
– Worth
– Opinions of others
– Work life
– Relationships
– Laziness
– Energy levels
– Drive and passion

The list goes on…

Think Einstein

There is a brilliant quote from Albert Einstein:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

Our problems need a whole new way of looking at things. The change needs to come as a complete overhaul to your lifestyle.

When we look at someone’s lifestyle we look at it in balance, incorporating nutrition, exercise and mindset. If you have all three of these working in harmony you will get success.

Talk the talk

You may have heard people say some these things, or you may even say them yourself:  “My food is really good, I’m just not good at getting up and getting into the gym or working out.” Results from this thinking will be slow, and frustrating. The change you see in your body will be little.

“I go to the gym every day but I know I need to get my food on track, it could be better.”

Results from this thinking again will be slow, in actual fact you’re exerting more energy in the gym or working out than you need to in order to cancel out the food issues that are going on.

“I know what I need to do I just cannot do it.” Result? Going nowhere quick!

The key is to be able to change your lifestyle, in one fell swoop

Go cold turkey and make the decision that you will no longer accept things as they are currently.

Making it about weight loss solely, will not give you the change your future health and fitness needs. It may give you the change you want but not the one you need. The one you need is to change and not go back.

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