When life gets hard you might feel like you are drowning in debt, you are on the brink of divorce, you are not parenting the best you can, you don’t know where to start to launch your business and you feel like you are completely lost…

Does this sound familiar?

Do you ask yourself ‘what can a life coach do for me?’


Proactivity and management

This is usually when people take action and decide to change their life. I encourage you to not be one of those people.

I teach my clients to be proactive so their life doesn’t become so chaotic.

One of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to manage your own life effectively. That is where a powerful transformation-coach comes in and teaches you how to break through barriers, de-clutter your life, gain confidence, teach you to believe in yourself, and show you a better way to crush your goals!

Let me tell you how to select a coach and what that process entails.

The interview process

It is important to decipher what are the main issues you are experiencing in order to select the right type of coach.

There are many different types such as business, life, health, relationship, sex, and family and children, just to name a few.

When you are clear what the specified areas are that need changing then you should look for a coach who states in their profile exactly what you are wanting and needing.

I suggest selecting a few coaches and interviewing them so you can make a good solid choice based on their qualifications, personalities, pricing, location and what is their process of healing and breaking through barriers to get to the root causes in your life.

Ask as many questions as you could think of, so you can assess this person’s background and why do they serve the people they do.

Certification isn’t always key

A coach that is really good doesn’t have to have a certification and matter of fact coaches are not required to obtain any type of certification in order to call themselves a coach.

They also don’t have to have tons of testimonials but they should be able to provide you with various ways of how they are going to help you.

Holism and healing

For example, when I work with clients I use a Holistic approach to healing, which means everything I recommend is non toxic and you should be living an Integrative Lifestyle for optimal health and wellness.

I also use a clinical psychology approach to life issues, which allows me to use my educational experiences from my two college degrees to assess situations and get to the root cause of issues and provide powerful yet simple solutions that will reap immediate results.

I do not mask problems or take a long time finding out what is wrong with my clients because typically their issues are positively correlated with other specified issues that have occurred in the past.

An example

For example, if a client approaches me about relationships and marriages, more times than not they have this ongoing problem because they continually get into bad relationships without healing first.

Without removing excess baggage, they are not ready, willing and able to give up their past mistakes and forgive and learn from them and grow, so the vicious cycles remain until life is unbearable and life forces them to do something different.

what can a life coach do for me_2

Attributes to consider

Find a coach you like. Find one that has what you want. Find one that will listen and make you do the work to receive the end results you must have to move forward and never look back again.

Find the one that will keep you honest. Find the one that makes you face your fears head on. Find the one that makes you put forth the effort because your compliance does equal your results. Find the one that will be understanding and compassionate about your heartache.

A coach that wants the best for you

Find the one that believes in results and proves to you that that is what they will bring to the table. Find the one that is flexible in working with you. Find the one that wants the best for your life. Find the one that knows you can make it through anything without having to numb.

Find the one that has experiences with similar situations so they know what you are going through. You should be able to find much hope with your coach that you choose!

The first step starts with your coach

As you see, it is imperative you make the right decision when choosing the coach that is going to help catapult you into a new chapter and stop re-reading the same one.

You can see that it is also equally important for you to choose a coach because they will help empower you to definitely shift your mindset, write clear goals for yourself, to build your masterpiece, to learn a new way of speaking to others, they will teach you how to set healthy boundaries so you don’t continue to accept unacceptable behaviors and treatments ever again.

I believe in you and want the best for your life, but you also have to want and desire the same. You have to say enough is enough and I am making changes no matter what.

Step into your power and take massive action for powerful results. Always Be Authentically Yourself.

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