Body, mind and spirit

First and foremost, I now know why the Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most respected dictionaries in the English language.  OK, so what? Well, it was one of the few that gives a thorough definition of the vague word wellness.

What does that mean exactly? Wellness?

I will give you two, actually three, quick definitions because I know how anxious you are to know.

The common dictionary says ‘wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort’.  Really?  Wow, OK… Another dictionary says wellness is the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health…Very informative I thought…

Now the big definition from Oxford. 

It says, as a positive rather than contrastive quality: The state or condition of being in good physical, mental and spiritual health, especially as an actively pursued goal; well-being.  A little snooty and wordy maybe, nonetheless it added a necessary ingredient I believe is crucial to wellness and that is the least talked about concept – spirituality

This I will discuss in a moment.  I want to clarify something first and that is, all of the material you read from this point forward is my opinion. That being said, read with caution and take what you like, if any, and leave the rest.

Alright let’s move on…

Wellness in practice

If I were to elaborate how eating fruit and vegetables, sleeping 7-8 hours a night, and exercising 3-5 times per week, constitutes wellness, you and I would be bored.

Why? Because very simply, everyone knows it.

So, if everyone knows it why are Americans getting fatter, and fatter and fatter?  Is it possible that these surface superficial answers regarding wellness are not enough? Could it be that spirituality plays a bigger role in our lives than the self sufficient American man or woman? Perhaps…Perhaps not.

It has been my experience for anything to shift within me and my habits, the solution must have depth and weight. Knowing what I need to eat to have energy is not enough. Could wellness mean establishing boundaries with others, knowing who you are and who you’re not, or even saying no when you’ve been asked to stay late at work for the third time?

People pleasing, in my opinion, can bring on stressful emotions such as anxiety, fear and a walk to the refrigerator to soothe anxious thoughts and emotions.  Wellness is an inside job.  Not an outside fix such as a new car, wealth, status, adoration from others, It must come from deep within.  Toxic emotions can drive most people towards overeating, under eating, having little to no motivation to exercise, lack of discipline and structure.

Wellness: Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health_2The relationship between wellness and sickness

For example, wellness (pretend it’s a person for the sake of explaining further) and sickness (the other person), forgives because it knows harboring resentments makes him or her sick, Wellness sees its own limitations, inadequacies and flaws so to focus on other flaws, and limits would be futile and pure hypocrisy.

Sickness on the other hand, thrives on gossip and blaming others because it doesn’t want to feel pain  It is lazy by nature and produces harm to those who come into contact with it.  Wellness needs good nutrients to grow.  Sickness does not, In fact, sickness allows its appetite to decide where he or she is eating dinner and does not want to wait for a good meal.  Patience isn’t its virtue, instant gratification is.

Wellness is on-going and always in motion, it is alive, sweet and kind to the soul.  There’s no graduation with a Masters in wellness at the end of the day, just a sense of peace knowing, although disappointed and even sad at times, you did the best you could and that in itself is enough.  Sickness says, “What the heck, I just ate several cookies so I might as well add ice-cream to the mix”, whispering thoughts that say, “Well, tomorrow I’ll start again.”

Wellness has potential to grow in all of us as does sickness.  Most of us have cancer cells, our choices and lifestyle habits determine whether they grow or stay stagnant.  Accepting responsibility begins the process from which wellness grows.  Much like admitting to your spouse or friend that you need to reach out for help in regards to nutrition and exercise.  This too begins the process towards weight loss and body awareness.

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