Have you set a new weight loss goal for the New Year? If you have, you have joined the majority of resolution makers all over the world. But have you also told everyone about it? YOU SHOULD if you want to see success ….

Shout it out!

Sometimes we might feel a little intimidated, so we could be tempted to keep our goals a secret. If people don’t know what we’re doing, they won’t know if we have failed.


It can be diet or fitness-related, but why do we tend to do this? Are you afraid of failing in public? Or are you afraid of ‘jinxing’ your dream? Are you afraid of letting others or yourself down?

If that sounds familiar, then you are not alone.

But according to studies keeping your goals, plans or resolutions a secret is a bad idea. Public commitments are more effective than private declarations.

Make your resolutions public

You should share your goals, plans, diet and New Year resolutions, as making them public increases your chances of success because it puts you out there, you tend to feel a little more pressure and accountability and thus more support from the people who surround you. You don’t want to let them down and they are unlikely to see you let yourself down!

Why You Should Tell Everyone about Your Weight Loss Plan_2Still worried about it being a little daunting and making a fool of yourself?

Make the public commitment, but set a realistic and achievable goal

Being practical about your goal setting is important, as the more specific and realistic you are, the greater the chances of success. There is no point setting hugely ambitions targets, however well meaning, if you are just going to fall short and end up seriously discouraged. This is a sure way to end up in a worse position perhaps than when you started!

Instead of saying ‘I’m going to lose 40 pounds’ it is better to say ‘I’m going to lose 20 pounds and keep them off!’

So dividing big goals into smaller ones, especially when going public makes them easier to attain and they maybe inspiring others to follow in your footsteps as they see you achieving your targets, feeling good and looking great. Do not be surprised if anybody witnessing this transformation process wants to experience it for themselves too.

Use it as fuel for motivation

Sharing your goals will keep you on track after the initial excitement and motivation you had on January 1st wears off. You can maintain a behaviour change for the first week or so, but after that you really need that social support to stick to and pursue a properly defined plan!

And this kind of support can come from your social networks, familym, friends and work colleagues!

Do not underestimate this, as it can have a huge influence on your progress and maintenance of a fitness and weight loss programme.

Even your Facebook friends, Twitter followers or online support groups just like this one can help keep you on track with positive feedback and reminders to keep going. Whatever happens, DO NOT GIVE UP! 

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