Life’s Cycles

I learned that life has cycles in all areas: financial, health related, relationships and so much else…

Imagine a horizontal straight line. The line represents 0. Imagine another line that gradually goes up by one unit until it reaches 10. As well, it gradually goes down to -10, crossing the horizontal line that represents 0.


At the top of the cycle (10), it is abundance. On the other hand, in the bottom of the cycle (-10), it is scarce. It is part of life. This graph can visually represent weight loss and fitness as well.

Why people stop losing weight

I once heard a lady say that she was the master of losing weight. She said that she would lose 20lbs only to regain it later, over and over. She understood that losing weight is not the hard part but keeping the weight off.

Many people stop their healthy behaviors because they are experiencing stress. They get busy at work, going through a divorce, move to a new house, or perhaps injure themselves. They think “all or nothing” and they stop exercising, eating healthy or meditating. They say “I will go back to exercise later,” “I need to deal with this first,” “I don’t think is worth bothering to eat right if I’m not exercising.”

The problem with this type of thinking is that they have not weighed up the whole situation. Usually, these people are those who lose weight and regain it again. Recalling the life graph mentioned above, when people are on top of the cycle (9 to 10), happy, functional, they lose weight because there is little else that requires their immediate energy and attention. However, when they are on the bottom (-9 to -10), they regain the weight because they let other areas of their lives sap energy from their good habits; the cycle scale, for them, is going way up and way down.

What some people do not understand is that life ALWAYS has up and downs and they spend their entire life trying to lose the weight they regain over and over again. They think life cycles will come to an end some day. People who stick to healthy lifestyle have figured their life cycles. Instead of going from 10 to -10, they go from 6 to -4. Let me put this in words – when people are at the top, good work schedule, few family and health issues, no injuries, they go out to lose weight, eat healthily, run, lift weights, watch the calories,  cook at home, pay attention to what they eat, don’t eat processed sugars and so on…

They are doing everything that it takes and extra. But when they are on the bottom of the cycle (marital problems, health issues, work stress, etc.), they drop it all!

Here is what people who succeed in their weight loss do

ways to lose weight_2 When they are going up in their life cycle, they don’t go up to 10. They contemplate the situation and they stay between 6 and 4. They know they do not need to put all their effort to lose weight. This means that they change habit by habit, they cook at home, maybe they eat out once a week; they exercise 3 times a week lifting weights and run 2 times week; they have a eating schedule and they lose weight by living their life, not the opposite, live their life to lose weight.

When successful people feel themselves moving to the negative side of the graph, they only go down to -4 or -5. If they have a busy schedule, they cut their training perhaps twice a week and they run perhaps once a week. If they get injured and can’t exercise, they still eat healthily even though they can’t exercise, compare to the “all or thing” who lets all the good habits go down the drain.

People who know how to manage their life cycle know, if they stop their good habits, sooner or later they will pay the consequences and they will start over. They understand that is even harder to start over instead of just maintaining existing good habits. Yes, they are not in their best shape but also they are not in their worst. So when the cycle levels up, all they need to do is small changes.

Learning how to manage your life cycles will help you to stay healthy, in shape and with a body weight you desire. What good will it do you if  you work hard to attain your best shapeever, if only later on you slip back to your worst shape because you don’t know how to manage your life cycle?

In the long term, it gets tiring, frustrating, expensive and unhealthy. Determine what areas of your life are running smoothly and what need work and then focus on creating and maintaining reasonable and healthy habits of exercise and eating. This is a good habit to keep!

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