We all have different capabilities. Be careful if you are trying to push yourself, or someone else is pushing you to perform to other people’s levels.

Everyone should push themselves as best as they can. As long as we are using methods that work best for us as individuals.

Our limits often change

Understanding the limits of your body is an awesome and important journey and that journey changes weekly.

As we progress and sometimes individuals regress. If we do not give our body time to recover from training sessions then we are likely to feel week, tired, unmotivated and eventually hurt.

Should you regress your training?

Depending on the intensity and duration of an individual’s sessions this will dictate how much time is needed to recover or whether you should regress your training for a while until you are recovered enough to do the workout that you want to do.

Motivation is different for each person. That is why I do my training on my own. Understanding the limits of your body may be simple for some compared to others and that depends on the goal(s) of the individual.

I love to lift as heavy as I can during every workout and I believe that it is smart for me to take at least one full day and night to mentally and physically recover from the intensity of what I am doing and trying to accomplish. I suggest my clients who lift as heavy as they can to do the same.

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Take one full day to relax

If you are not trying to move as fast or lift as heavy then you may continue your program for two to three weeks if not longer without taking many breaks but I believe that each person should take at least one full day and night to mentally and physically recover and relax to stay motivated and take time to try new things.

By doing new things you will have to reassess what you do and how you do it. Which is great because the more you do different training programs the more your body will respond to your liking toward what you are doing.

Know what you’re doing and know your body

Push yourself to your limit but make sure you know what you are doing.

If you do not know what you are doing and/or doing enough to need a spotter or further information, then please have a training partner, a PT or or get a trainer to put a program together for you to follow – somethings challenging and results based but not so intense you are likely to get hurt.

Training programs

I offer one-on-one, small group and online training programs with meal planning. If you’re serious about starting a program and/or adding variety to what you are already doing, get in contact with me.

Get moving and have fun while doing it!

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