One of the hardest things to do in this world is show up as our authentic selves in every way possible.

We live in a crazy world that changes us often times because of social settings, rejections, lack of financials, divorce, custody battles, failed business endeavors, lack of training, wanting to fit in, societal norms and wanting others to like us. We become chameleons depending upon whom we surround ourselves with.

The problem with being a jack-of-all-trades in the personality department is you never know which “character” will show up.


Have you ever just tried being you?

I encourage you to stop hiding the true you and allow the real you to shine.

The Law of Attraction

The biggest reason we need to stop being someone we are not is that we don’t allow the law of attraction to show up in our life. The Law of Attraction simply is when we actually attract what we are, what we constantly think about, the vibration we put out, the character we are developing, namely our true authentic selves.

When we are really being ourselves then we attract people that like the person we truly are.

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Others that share the same commonalities, hobbies, business strengths, financial goals, big dreams, family values and traditions, religious aspects and even attracting the proper mate that will be good for us and our family.

When we don’t hold true to our beliefs and just waver in and out of showing up exactly as we are then we attract the wrong people.

Let me give you a powerful example

You meet someone who likes to ride motorcycles and you are used to the country club life (polar opposites).

You decide to give the motorcycle life a chance because you are really attracted to the person who rides motorcycles and their members seem nice and accept you easily.

However, you don’t know the first thing about bikes and you begin to lose interest quickly.

Secondly, you meet someone who enjoys golfing and going to elite parties and you are excited every time you get the inclination to be a part of that type of atmosphere.

stop hiding the real you_2You fit right in, you dress the same as others who are also members and you look forward to days with your significant other at the spa.

You can clearly see the second example makes you happier, you feel more comfortable, you are able to be honest, you can meet others you relate to and you frequent the club and wellness facilities more often because this is where you really want to be.

Slipping into denial mode

The second biggest reason you need to always be authentically yourself is that you will get exhausted being someone you are not just to fit in and be liked by people you are nothing like.

You can burn yourself out quickly from people pleasing and entertaining ideas and activities that really don’t interest you at all. Your mind tries to tell you that it isn’t right and you stay in the denial mode far longer than you ever anticipate to.

Every day do things that really make you feel a sense of elation

I encourage you to dress in the type of clothes that you like not what your colleagues, teammates and others like but honestly what ignites your soul and makes you feel confident.

Be natural and see how that feels for a while, instead of always trying to fit in.

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Often times the man or woman we have been called to be shows itself when we are around those that love us most. The people we are really close get to see the true us without a mask because we know they will like us for us and won’t judge us for making mistakes and being silly in our own weird way.

Go all in and just delve into the best version of yourself and let it be known to the world.

People like raw and vulnerable so they can relate to us. They want us to be able to be emotional and not act perfect when we have stuff going on.

Do what you do best – do you!

I know life is tough sometimes and we are pulled in many directions deciphering who we want to be. Learn to have confidence in yourself and your decisions.

Value yourself and know your worth so it cannot be wavered with every little rejection or person who doesn’t believe in you. I know you can do this and feel happy that it will just take a little conditioning on your part.

Stay true to you no matter what and learn to surround yourself with those that honor your authentic self. Join me on my journey at The Power of You on social media, where we empower others to be themselves and do what is right not what is easy!

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