One key to being happy and achieving your goals is to understand the ups and downs in life. You have probably noticed that some days, months and years, life is just perfect and everything comes out the way you planned it with no inconvenience. But then in some other “seasons” everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. One thing after another. When it rains it pours. This is life!

We all have ups and downs. The only difference between successful people and those who quit is the determination and the understanding that bad seasons are only temporary. When they have good seasons they do their best, doing everything that helps them get closer to their goals and makes them a better person. When the times are bad, they continue undaunted doing the same things knowing that their effort will pay off.

Do what works

Personally, when the chart of my life is on a downward trajectory, I continue doing what has helped me to succeed: helping others, reading, writing, meditating, exercising, cooking, creating new ideas and taking calculated risks, among other good habits.

I know that drinking, giving up, watching TV or ignoring my problems will not get me anywhere. In fact, they will just leave the door wide open to more problems later.

Even though I understand the power of good habits and I know well how to apply them in my life, some days I feel very weak and I don’t know how to improve my day.  Here is when meditation gives me answers. I concluded that I need someone who can help me understand my situation.

I need support.

Turning to the right people

Support is powerful. Imagine yourself surrounded by people who know exactly what you are going through, and they know how to overcome your painful situation. They are successful, smart, caring, compassionate, motivating and, of course, supportive.

When you are in the down season and don’t know what to do, you call your friend, mentor, partner, husband or peer; he or she asks questions about the situation, attentively listens to you and gives you some words of encouragement and tells you that you are doing everything right. There is nothing to be afraid of; down days are merely a part of life.

turning weakness into strength_2

Now imagine calling the negative people who don’t support you and want to tell you their problems and that the world is all about suffering and the economy is bad and life is miserable and everyone is getting sick and there is nothing you can do to change it…

Can you see the difference in support?  I don’t know about you, but I prefer to call my successful network, so they can give me a little push and I can take flight again!

We all need support to succeed in our goals. Sometimes I can get all the support I need from a book — from a good self-help, spiritual or motivational book.  There are many ways to get the right support.

So remember that for you to be successful in life, it is important that you find the right support and maintain a connection with it even in the good times. We can’t climb the ladder of success alone.  We need people who can support us.

Committed to your happiness and well-being,

Sandro Torres


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