Are you the kind of person that takes exactly the same route to and from work each day?

Do you perform your daily routines the same way?  Do you eat the same food?  Go to the same restaurants? See the same people?  Are you doing the same workout you did six months ago?

If the answer is yes, I have another question for you.


How do you feel?

Do you really and truly feel OK? If you are going to be absolutely honest with this question, might you admit to feeling somewhat bored or stuck.

If that is the case then you certainly need to address the situation and look at what to do. It is clear that you need to look at your daily routine and change it up.  Try something new!

Fear of the unknown

However, when it comes to change, some of us are less comfortable with it and seek safety with what we are familiar with. That is just a normal human reaction for many. Try something new?  What if it sucks?  Or doesn’t work out?

One could fail or look ridiculous. And this fear is something that prevents many from even trying to do something different or moderately ambitious – better not to try than to try and risk failure.

Fear, especially of the unknown, is one of the biggest reasons people stick with the tried and true – however dull and ordinary.

Familiarity is well known to us, we are used to it and therefore it is safe. But is it really?

try something new_2It takes a certain courage to step away from what is comfortable and easy

Sometimes that is exactly what we all need to do. When we try something new, we are more present and attentive to the moment.

Our awareness changes, senses are heightened and we are automatically freshened and more alive, energised and sharper.

The process of learning new information – and any change of plan, new experiences and processes means huge amounts of new information – whatever it is, jazzes the body, the brain and the nervous system.

We are suddenly open and alive. It is like blowing the dust off and oiling a mechanism which is suddenly able to function faster and more efficiently and generally perform so much better.

And at the end of it all, you will feel kind of fabulous from the experience! Invigorated and with a glowing sense of self-satisfaction and a new resolve.

The New Year rings in bright beginnings and opportunity

It is the perfect time to take stock, look at where you have been and look ahead to the immediate and longer term future. And once you have taken a good look, now is the time to mix it up and try a fresh way of doing things.

So in January 2016 plan that new route, try a different restaurant, take that class or lesson you’ve been thinking about but never dared try.  Recharge your workout.  Allow yourself a novel experience or two.

Large or small, it doesn’t matter, take a step and try something new. And before you know it you might be embracing more and more changes and tackling fresh new challenges with vigour and a whole new attitude!

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