No excuses!

You can still exercise while you are away for your usual workplace, gym, class or home –  and just simply changing your routine. I was always wondering why someone would make an excuse for stopping their training or eating regimes just because they are away on business or holidays.

The way I see it, when anyone is on holiday there’s even more reason and opportunity to keep healthy regime.


Benefits of working out while on holiday

Let’s break it down step by step and see why taking time off your work and daily routine qualifies you to follow an even healthier routine. No, I’m not crazy, it’s just simple mathematics.

First of all you are on holiday. You sleep as much as you want. There’s no alarm clock to wake you up while it’s still dark outside. So you wake up feeling rested, energised and ready to enjoy your day.

Second good reason is that you can eat regularly. No meetings, no clients running late so you have to  postpone or even skip your lunch. You don’t even have to cook your meals or clean up after .

Third great reason is that you have plenty of space in your hotel room or anywhere you stay. And this space can be used not only for putting your things around, it’s a great opportunity for you to exercise!

So, where am I going with all this? Let’s put it all together now.

Sleep plus regular good meals, plenty of free time, lots of space that you can use the way you wish. This combination is a perfect recipe for a healthy lifestyle. When else can you afford to do whatever you want without a single worry on your mind.

Use this time, energy from good sleep and food to exercise.

This is going to be the best decision for all of us and you will see and feel an amazing results for your mind and your body.

Ok, I understand that each person has their own idea of rest, holidays and spending free time. Don’t get me wrong, I love to spend all day doing nothing. Once in a while. By spending long times inactive mentally and physically actually detracts from feelings of positivity and good health generally.

Some people need holidays from their holidays as they feel literally broken, tired and lifeless by the end of it.

Taking the first step

The hardest part of this whole healthy living idea is to get started, to take action. Take that first step and you won’t be able to stop.

Few small things put together will build a new routine, and very soon that thing that you had to force yourself to do, you will be doing without even thinking about it and even enjoying it. Use this time, this opportunity to improve how you look and feel.

Have you heard about little things we call endorphins? I’m sure you have and you’ve also felt them many times before. They’re those little bundles of joy you feel after training, doing things you enjoy, eating healthy and tasty foods. They are addictive. In a very good way.

How do you feel and look?

There’s no doubt that everything starts with the way you feel and look. When you have lost the weight you wanted, or built a better and stronger physique, how does it make you feel? How do you stand? How do you perform at work , at home? How differently do you treat others around you? Did you notice how much easier you deal with daily challenges, how much clearer you can think in tough situations? Things are getting better in every area of your life. What else can you ask for?

Training on holiday_2Being mentally and physical strong

So, as you can see it’s all in your hands. Get yourself mentally and physically fit and strong.

So there’s no gym in the place you stay? No problem…

Not having gym should never be one of your lame excuses not to exercise.  What do you use most often while training in the gym ? It’s your own body. And it’s always with you. Gladly it goes for free everywhere you go. So just relax, there will no extra charge.

All you need is a desire, your own body and a bit of space

Did you ever think how many muscles are engaged into one exercise like  a push up? When you do it correctly it is one of the best exercises you can do. Or can you?

You might be good in lifting some weights in the gym but can you do a proper push up? How about squat? Pull up?

Aha, now we are talking! Practice those three exercises correctly and see what it will do to your body. It will not only make you stronger, it will change your physique and you will see and feel the muscles you have never seen or felt before.

These multi compound exercises will engage many muscles at the same time. This will keep you injury free and more balanced and proportionate. Sounds great to me!

Of course there are so many different exercises you can do without the gym or any equipment. If you need ideas and want to make sure you do them right, speak to a fitness professional.

What are your goals?

Think of what exactly you want to get from this training, what your goals are, what is you fitness level and adjust your training to your needs.

The list of benefits of leading healthy and active lifestyle is endless and you can choose the one that’s the most important for you.  As you have noticed I said lifestyle not a diet or training routine with an expiry date. It’s all in your hands.

So, stop making excuses and start making changes in your life!

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