We spend our lives attempting to be perfect. What isn’t working we try to fix…

If we’re fat or even slightly different, we go to the gym, we exercise

Sometimes we hate ourselves. Our bodies, our thoughts. We attempt to control ourselves.


Tips to Be Yourself .. 

We’re our own worst enemies

Far harder on ourselves than anyone else would be. But what I heard yesterday is that everything has an opposite. Left,right, up, down, inside, outside, dark, light, top, bottom.

We have to accept and love All of yourself. Not just the light the good but the dark the ‘bad’. Because you’re whole, not half. And once we accept that, once you love All of yourself – the good bits and the bad, the dark bits as well as the light – then life will start working for us.

We have to stop ‘fixing’ ourselves And start accepting. Not working to make ourselves thinner or better or prettier, but accepting the whole. And only once we truly do that can we love others be there for others.

Because while we still believe you have to fix the “bad” then we will constantly criticize others because we’re seeing in them what we don’t like about ourselves or we’re secretly envious of them making up stories about why we don’t like them.

So the only answer has to be accept All of yourself and you will be able to finally live the life you aspire to, the life you truly deserve

You don’t have to be perfect you just have to be you!

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you. I want to give you the space, I want to give you the permission to just be You, where you can learn to just be You – All of you.

Allow me to be there for you, give you the strength  to be all you can be.


tips to be yourself_2

So celebrate your curves, your lumps ‘n bumps. Celebrate you!

Your outer shell whatever it looks like, you’re here, you’re life, celebrate being whoever you are. If you have 2 ears 2 eyes a nose a mouth 2 arms 2 legs – celebrate!

If you have a heart that pumps blood round your body, lungs, kidneys, a spleen,  ankles, wrists, sight, hearing, a tongue to speak and taste, fingers and toes to touch and feel, a brain to think…Celebrate it all!

You are You warts and all

Celebrate! Good n’ bad, light and dark, celebrate every little thing about you, your quirks, your crazy sense of humour, your ability to sing off key, your ability to make people laugh.

Your ability to do whatever it is you do that nobody else does the way you do!

You are unique

And that means every little bit of you not just the responsible part – the part that always does the right thing.

Celebrate the rebel

Celebrate your joys and your sadness

Celebrate your beauty

Celebrate the bump on your nose or the spot on your cheek

Celebrate your dark thoughts about whatever you have dark thoughts about

All of this is you, so celebrate it!

You can’t have love without hate, you can’t have beauty without ugliness, you are awesome in all your imperfections!

You are YOU…


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