1.   Feeling fit feels great!

Get rid of negative thoughts and make room for the positive ones! Use self-conversation to ignite a wealth of inspired thought patterns that create a new love relationship with the concept of feeling fit.

“Today I choose to be 100% accountable for my life and my action or inaction.  It takes only an instant to make the decision to take 5% more responsibility for my health and fitness.  From this moment forward, I will make life happen rather than allowing life to happen to me.”


2.   Be thankful.

It starts with one “thank you” and it builds daily as you challenge yourself to find the blessing in each transaction of your life. Thankfulness invites success and positive self-image.

3.   Visualize perfection.

In your mind, capture the body you believe is perfectly you. Use that image to develop your body through exercise. Commit to saying only positive things regarding your physique.

Post a picture on your mirror of what you believe to be your vision of the perfect physique – and for now, only look at “mentors” during your day…..look at the bodies that you want to have.  Do not spend time looking at those you don’t want….fill your mind with powerful and empowering imagery….always.

4.   Change your tapes.

It’s time to record new ones. Experience the freedom of throwing away those bad tapes from the past that have played for years. Create new scripting. The road to a healthy body is changing the messages going to your mind.

When you ask yourself positive questions,  i.e “Why am I so good at implementing these “Tiny Switches” Shannon has shared, your brain automatically starts to answer in a positive way…..when the opposite is true, your mind will also help build on that path.  It is your choice.  Try it, it may feel a little silly at first but ask yourself the questions for which you want positive feedback, you will be retraining your self thought.

This move is Serious.

think yourself slim_2

5.   Slow and steady.

Successful change is about slow, steady increments of advancement. Chart your direction and log small, productive steps towards your goals. You are not dispensable! You are given one physical body that is supposed to last for your 120 years. That body is your vehicle to fulfil your purpose.

When you fill your body with greasy hamburgers, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, toxic cleaners, pesticides, antibiotics, drugs, soda etc. and do not give it the things it needs (fruit, veggies, water, protein, sunlight, etc.) it will die before your spark does.

Beginning right now, each and every day we can make “Tiny Switch” decisions that will make a long term impact on our health.  But the decision to do so is just that, a “Tiny Switch” in your thinking about how you will approach wellness as it pertains to you!

Begin to visualize your body as your most valued possession…something that means the world to you. Think of that wedding gown, car, antique, piece of jewelry, etc. How would you feel if someone poured alcohol on it, blew cigarette smoke on it, surgically removed a piece of it, poured toxic chemicals on it…you get the picture. So why is it ok to do this to our bodies? Why do we deplore this type of behaviour when it comes to our “valued” possessions and not when we do it to the one thing that belongs to us alone?

Your body is truly the only thing that is yours.  Focus consciously on taking care of it.  Tiny step, by Tiny step.

6.   The law of attraction.

Grow to appreciate and believe in the law of attraction. Forecast success in your mind and practice believing that your life is all that you wish it to be. Trust that you have the faith to alter the reality of your life.

“Though I have been given a set of genes, I have the power to control my environment and therefore, to change the expression of my genes.  I no longer subscribe to a defeatist mentality when it comes to my health and well-being.  I actively seek wellness.”  Erin T.

7.   Recite positive words of wisdom on a daily basis.

Application and understanding may not come all at once, but words of wisdom from others will bring the perfect inspiration and transition for different stages of growth in your life.

Step away from the TV and search up some positive and inspirational quotes.  Post them everywhere.  These must be your influence, skip the news and find out what your favourite athlete eats during the day.

These “Tiny Switches” are the hallmarks of healthy people.  With some commitment and tenacity you too can make a paradigm shift in your thinking.  The fact that you have spent time reading this short intro today says that you are capable of great things using your thought process as the very best start to a successful journey.

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