I have learned that to get my life in order and get my projects done, I must have a schedule and respect it. I’m a goal-oriented person.

I schedule my workouts, my meals, my walking times, my reading, my writing, my meetings, my meditation and even my fun. I go from one place to another to the next following my schedule.

Sometimes I get behind schedule. But that’s okay. Things will come out alright by the end of the day.


I have more time than life

Living by a schedule does not mean living by the clock. Thanks to scheduling I can accomplish many of my projects and dreams, and that makes me happy.

However, sometimes I get caught by the clock, and I start losing my flow. I call it living by the clock when I’m focused only on getting projects done just because I need to and I forget to have fun.

I have learned that to stop living by the clock and continue progressing, I need to pick one task at one time and finish it by doing it properly and quickly.

Also, by following this method, I can stay focused, live in the moment and be happy.

Let me tell you how it works

Many of us feel that the day doesn’t have enough time to finish all we have to do. However, when you set specific goals, there seems to be a reasonable amount of time.

Set your goals

If you have clear and specific goals, it is more likely that you know where you are going and how much time you need to get there.

Let’s say someone calls and says you can get $1 million at a location 20 minutes away.

In your excitement you hang up the phone and start driving before you know where you’re going. You will soon realize that you are wasting your time.

You don’t know if you are going right or left or straight or backwards.

Instead of having listened to the directions, you are now guessing and turning everywhere wasting time and not reaching your destination. Now you have less time, and it will go a lot faster due to your anxiety and desperation.

Set your goal (get to where that $1 million is) to make the best use of your time.

take control of your life_2We also can feel that we run out of time because we are not certain of the future and are impatient.

We want to have it all done and ready as soon as possible.

We want security health, money, success, knowledge and so on.

This time instead of hanging up the phone, you listen to the entire message, and it says that it will take you 20 minutes to get to your destination allowing for traffic.

However, you are already thinking about being late and losing the money, so you get desperate, insecure and angry, and you start doing anything to get there, even getting in conflicts with other people. Therefore, you are not focused on the present.

Develop faith and patience

Once you have set your goals, develop faith and patience.

If you have no clear goals, you won’t have faith and patience. You’re not living in the present, and chances are you’re living by the clock.

Now let’s look at it from another perspective

Now you get the phone call, you listen to the whole message, and it gives you a clear objective of driving 20 minutes south from your house to where your favorite restaurant is located.

You have faith and patience; therefore, you are focusing on the present and enjoying the drive. You get there and breathe and have positive thoughts in your head. You are living in the moment and not living by the clock.

Even though you have a schedule, you stop living by the clock. You get lost in the moment and enjoy it. Time is not an issue anymore. Time becomes subjective now.

This is how it works in life

We all have projects to finish. We are looking forward to new projects that make our life exciting.

How will our life be with no projects to do? We just forget to live in the moment and start living by the clock trying to catch up.

Enjoy every project.

Do it right and fast by focusing and being happy. Take control of your life. When you start living in the moment, the clock stops ticking.

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