Two huge reasons to stop smoking immediately: Health and Finance

You might decide to prolong the date of your death by several years and live to see your loved ones enjoy their lives too. Or your principle aim might be to afford a very decent holiday or two each year, or maybe to buy the car of your dreams.

Starting with health matters

Everyone now knows that smoking is a killer and often a very painful one. It’s no picnic for loved ones to watch your suffering and have their own lives upturned too.

By the way it’s not just nicotine that’s wrecking your body, there are about 4000 very toxic substances working their way around inside you. If you were handling these in an industrial setting, you would want all the protective equipment available to protect you from harm.

Isn’t it a bit strange that you are happy to inhale them several times a day with no protection?

The good news is …

Within around 30 minutes of smoking your last cigarette your body begins to repair the damage done by smoking. The physical improvements continue week after week and year after year

What about the finances?

A 2o a day smoker now spends £60 a week or more. That amounts to £260 every month. What else could you spend £3100 on each year? If you and your partner smoke at this rate you will say goodbye to £60,000 in the next 10 years! And this is without factoring in inflation!

By the way, if those figures don’t get your pulse racing, remember that if you pay tax on your earnings, you can add at least 22% to the real cost of your habit. Isn’t it high time to get your own back on the tax man and refuse to smoke any longer?

If you want to quit immediately where do you start?

A good starting point is to realise that smoking does not reduce stress! It raises your blood pressure and it will induce a further cycle of stress within 30 to 40 minutes of smoking the precious cigarette.

It’s known as “The Nicotine Trick”

You can start to disrupt your long-standing habit immediately!

Here are some suggestions:

Before taking a cigarette from the packet move to a different place to your usual smoking location. The reason for this suggestion is that you will have conditioned yourself to associate a particular location with the act of smoking.

Stop Smoking Immediately_2

You probably sit in the same chair for your first cigarette of the day and then have other favourite locations during the remainder of the day. Next, distract yourself for 15 seconds by taking a few deep breaths, or a few sips of water. Then give yourself the choice to smoke or delay until later.

If you choose to smoke, decide after your first puff if you need another. If not, stub it out. Otherwise, decide after each additional inhalation if you have had enough. Quickly get used to smoking as little of the cigarette as possible. Make it a competition with yourself by smoking less of each successive cigarette. Take pleasure from “wasting” them by crushing them ASAP.

You can use nicotine patches or gum or other substances on the market. Patches and gum still put nicotine into your body. Certain other stop smoking preparations have created very dangerous effects on some people and are very definitely best avoided.

The speediest method of stopping immediately is hypnotherapy

If you have a serious desire to stop smoking and it’s your decision and not one imposed on you by someone else, you can become a person who no longer smokes in around 90 minutes.

One word of advice on choosing a hypnotherapist who specialises in smoking cessation: be prepared to invest in the equivalent of three or four weeks or of your current smoking expenditure for their expertise.

Don’t waste time looking for the cheapest hypnotherapist on the planet. Remember that you will be enjoying having a mountain of spending money every month. Stop when cigarettes are no longer your boss.

So what are you waiting for? Turn the tables right now and take charge. Become a non-smoker immediately!


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