When it comes to creating a Start Up some go at it blindly with little concept of what to expect or if their idea is really workable. Some may simply be jumping on the next biggest fad in network marketing, on the basis that they should be able to make x amount of dollars in the first month and earn your money back and possibly a bonus. Right?

Doesn’t this sound familiar? The latest company on the market pulls you in with their convincing material and products for you to begin your Start Ip and then wham! You are hit with things like; where do I start? Who is my ideal client? Where do I obtain clients from? Who is a mentor that will be good for me and my needs and why do I need one? How many people actually succeed at this? The list is endless..

Let me explain to you what people don’t tell you about starting a business


Owning your own business can be really simplified but an overwhelming amount of time and effort is needed. Find out what you need to do legally to begin your business and paying taxes.

Ask yourself and start to ponder several things such as why are you in business, who will you be serving, where will you practice your business, will you build an online empire and presence, how much money do you need to start, what connections should I have with influential global entrepreneurs, what continuing educational classes and webinars should I be studying to enhance my skills and knowledge, who are going to be my team members, what groups should I join for support and to bounce ideas off of and ask opinions, and what do I do about those that don’t believe in my vision?


The greatest two challenges I faced when building my brand and myself was first; those who said my business will never be successful because my vision is too large and they did not believe I could build an online audience with thousands of people learning from me on a daily basis.

The second challenge I faced was marketing to the right people and getting myself known to the right groups and for those individuals to believe in my products and services as much as I do. People typically don’t believe in you until you are financially killing it in the market place. People need to see results not just followers and fans.

start up companies_2Here’s what to do to not fail – Do nothing!

Here’s what to do to succeed – Everything and always be authentically yourself!

Here’s what to do to be the best you can be and have a booming business – “Whatever It Takes” as Grant Cardone says.

You have to be willing to go above and beyond to close the deals. You have to connect with others and build relationships as you cannot build your business alone. You have to humble yourself and ask for help and take suggestions on where to find the help. Gain exposure everywhere, get on Podcasts, host your own webinars, use Facebook Live or Periscope, SnapChat and all the other major social medial platforms to get everyone to know and remember your name.

The power of social media

Post a lot on Facebook and at different times throughout the day in order to reach those that sometimes are not on when you have your regularly scheduled post each day/week. Engage in groups that speak to your target audience and ones you can strike up conversations with and let them know who you are and why you are doing what you are doing. Build credibility and continue to build it.

Get out of your comfort zone and grow and continue to grow in all areas so you can be the best of the best in your industry. You have to have the powerful mindset tools in place or you will quit when challenges arise, and they will. We always face obstacles in our life to see how bad do we really want our goals and dreams.

Take a look at the aforementioned suggestions and being to prioritize what you need to begin with and make a list every day of the few items you will accomplish no matter what, and don’t stop until those action items are done.

I like to create visions and take massive action for powerful results. I also believe in myself and rely on at least one other empowering person to encourage me to never give up. I know you can do this but you must first believe in yourself and use the tools I have recommended to get started on your journey to greatness!

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Be well. Choose greatness and live a vibrant life.

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