It is no secret that I am a highly motivated person. Read my articles or talk to me in some form and you will see for yourself!

Motivation is key to successes in the gym, at home, or in your work life. No one ever has got by without motivation.

But how do you stay motivated? How can you keep the momentum after achieving a little? Well read on and lets keep the thunder going.


Know your goal

What is your goal, what do you want to achieve, do you even really know? How can you move forward without knowing what you want or why you want it.

First off, knowing your goal no matter what it is establishes a clear destination, knowing why you want that goal allows you to understand the reasoning behind it and what it means to achieve that goal, that’s your Why.

Having these two things allows you to understand where you are and what its going to take to get to your destiny (I say destiny because this new motivation is going to make you succeed).

The motivation at this stage is intrinsic and comes from within. It is important to be able to motivate yourself , it is the most important motivating factor you can have.

Have a realistic role model

Sometimes it’s not enough to be self-motivated, some days it’s just not there and these days we have to turn to our idols.

I personally have an idol for every part of my life. They don’t have to be celebrities or people of stature but they should be people you aspire to, who you look up to and who ultimately add to your own motivation in a way you can’t from within.

This external motivation can come from anywhere and everywhere and working in a gym I see motivational factors everyday from members, life is extraordinary and sometimes looking externally will sort out that motivational slump.

 Add emotional value

From my own experience of doing events for charity and more recently a bungee jump for a cause I believed in for people I knew need the help from me. The motivation there made me jump off 150ft crane without even blinking an eye.

When I ran the Dubai Marathon the motivation of how proud my loved ones, family and girlfriend would’ve been for me drove me on through all the cramp and pain.

When in the gym lifting weights and achieving my small increases I know the team I work with will be eager to help me improve more, motivates me to drive harder their belief in me motivates me to be my very best.

I attribute my emotional attachment to people and my own self worth essential to my motivational mindset and progression. I am really a big softy at heart!

secrets to stay motivated_2Find yourself a partner

Nothing is more motivating than seeing a partner do well because we all know we want to achieve or better their performance.

I used to train with a natural bodybuilding champion now turned Powerlifter Danny Richardson. Having a partner that can push me all of the way all of the time had a massive impact on my performance and motivation.

Sometimes Danny would motivate me to smash out a personal best and sometimes I would have to be the motivation that got him through a workout – usually me mentioning what food we could have post training!

Having a partner meant that I was more motivated more of the time how great is that I wasn’t just responsible for my psyche but someone else’s as well it pushed my motivational levels through the roof.

Be motivation itself…

In conclusion I use many ways to motivate myself but if I can inspire and motivate others I never lose my own motivation.

I never want to lose it, I don’t want to let others down and I don’t want to do anything less than help as many people as I can in this world.

As an “expert”, as the person who wants you to succeed I want you to take the baton on and inspire someone else today, be motivation itself and have success bathe your body like fresh sunlight and glow in a world that can sometimes appear dark.

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