As promised here are the second 5 priceless tips from celebrity personal trainers!

Ashley Borden:

No muscle should be left behind and Ashley makes sure to follow this to the exact cue. When training her celebrity A-listers, she notices every little detail, down to the smallest like posture, foot position, knee and hip alignment. Why? Because it is these little details that make a big difference in the body composition and success of her celebrity clients like Christina Aguilera, Natasha Bedingfield, and Mandy Moore.


What is her secret?

With minor tweaks to form, you’re able to properly achieve the desired results through cardio and dynamic strength routines that deliver eye-popping results. With proper form, try mixing in variety for a metabolism-booting routine.[6]

 Jim Karas:

A celebrity trainer to the rich and famous, Jim has trained celebrity A-listers like: Hugh Jackman, Diane Sawyer, Paula Zahn, and Oprah’s best friend, TV personality Gayle King. Not only does he work his celebrity clients hard, but he also provides them with solid nutritional education.

What is Jim Karas’s secret?

Exercise is not everything, calories do count and portion control matters. He has his A-listers follow this adage: “Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner,” says Jim.  He also advises his celebrity clients to avoid the current cleansing and juicing fads and quick weight-loss schemes which only contribute to losing muscle and rebound weight gain.[7]

Billy Beck:

A well respected celebrity trainer that is not afraid to speak his mind on and off the training floor. When it comes to working with celebrities, he trains their mind first before their body- following Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice. A few of the celebrity clients that Billy has trained range from Heath Irwin and Kim Herrin, to Sylvia Ferrero and Bob Fargo.

What is Billy’s secret?

“Know why you want it! You must have a compelling reason to achieve results and learn how to get what you want through measuring and analyzing your progress,” says Billy.[8]

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Ramona Braganza:

She has trained some of the toughest celebrity clients in the industry, from Jessica Alba to Jessica Biel. However, she enjoys spreading the word that celebrities are just like us, like everyday people. They too have trouble with exercise and eating! This is why she is not only passionate about training celebrity A-listers, but also the common folk.

What is Ramona’s secret?

She believes it’s up to you whether you are fit and healthy. It’s about starting now wherever you are, and not only doing exercise – but also eating right. Eating and exercising go hand in hand and in order to achieve the desired results that you want so badly, you ultimately have to have the personal commitment to eating right. Once you make that lifestyle commitment to eating right and exercising, you too will receive A-list celebrity results.[9]

Gina Lombardi:

Gina Lombardi is known in Hollywood for getting her celebrity clients lean, fast, but safely- so each client’s diet is of utmost importance. To accommodate the busy celebrities that she trains, as well as those who aren’t able to afford personal consultation time with her, Gina has created a collection of organic meal kits that follow her eating plans to the letter. This helps her celebrity clients, and regular common folk, achieve the desired results faster through proper nutrition coupled with exercise.

What is her secret?

She utilizes a training method with her celebrity clients called: Peripheral Heart Action Training. This is similar to circuit training workouts but are completed with heavier weights and designed to put the cardiovascular system into high gear by alternating lower-body and upper-body exercises. The variations force the heart to move blood up and down the body rapidly, maximizing fat burning and increasing the body’s post-exercise oxygen consumption.

This, coupled with proper nutrition, leads to results like Gina’s celebrity clients: Andy Garcia, Kevin James, Leah Remini, Catherine Bell, Isaac Hayes, Val Kilmer, Kirstie Alley, Sally Pressman, Clementine Ford, Robert Towne, Beck, Chick Corea, Les Moonves, Beth Sullivan, film producers: Colleen CampCraig Perry, and Nancy Roberts.[10]

These are 10 awesome celebrity trainer secrets that if you put into effect, will definitely create an impressive physique just like your favorite celebrity!

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