Three reasons to step off the scales, lock them away and learn to trust the sensations in your body and mind instead.

What would you say if you found out there was a mechanical apparatus in your bathroom that was just waiting to ruin your day? Probably you would ask why it was there and, unless there was a good reason, get rid of it.

Well it is interesting how a bathroom scale can do just that.


Reason 1: Scale addiction doesn’t help lose weight

Wanting to weigh yourself once a day or more is just a habit gone wrong. Of course the scale itself does not have any emotions about the data it is giving you.  But that is not the case when you weigh yourself.

In fact, there are emotions before you ever step on the scale.  

You maybe using the numbers as feedback on weight and when expectations or hopes are not met, you feel like a failure and that is demotivating.

Your weight is just the relationship between your body and gravity – Mariboli 2014

By focusing on the body alone, a person can forget that he/she is more than just a body. And when that happens, the external measurements can become more and more important.

That is the point at which daily weighing and the accompanying feeling of failing can happen.

Hide your scales! Be free!

Weigh yourself when there is a good reason to do so and only then.

scales for weighing_1Reason 2: Your weight is not the important focus

According to Yoni Freedhoff, MD, it is what you are doing all the times you are not standing on the scale that is important and makes the difference in setting and getting your health goals.

Imagine that moment standing on the scales (clothed or not) as a picture.

That picture is just one frame of a movie of your life. Putting energy and purpose into that movie is what there is to do.

Instead of just focusing on one number, imagine being joyful and excited to control what, how, where and when you eat and move. You are feeling healthy, attractive and fully present in your body as you notice yourself light on the way to lighter still.

Feeling light, flexible and strong, at last you find your movie even more exciting and interesting.  Your value as a person shines through.

Reason 3: The myth that the lighter I am the more healthy I am

This generalization does not match what we see around us. There are very thin folks who are not healthy at all.  Becoming more aware of what healthy means for you right now is the way to go.  

Improving that bit by bit is the second step and no, age does not matter.

Hide your scales! Be free!

This past weekend I attended a 10 hour Iyengar yoga workshop.  In the midst of that, on day two of three, I decided to weigh myself to see the difference from the day before.  I gained two pounds! It was good to just laugh.

Knowing that everything I can do to live in my body and get feedback from it is what will bring me good health – that is why I freed myself from the scale.

Those sensations from my body when clothes fit more loosely, seeing myself in the mirror looking more slender and getting compliments from friends makes me happy.

Stop weighing yourself and start living consciously in your body and mind now!

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