Are you seeing results?

Last week I was approached by John. This is the third time that he had a conversation with me expressing doubts about fitness, asking why he has not seen results in his body.

He began the conversation saying, “I have being going to a popular workout program for three months and I have not seen results.  I feel that I have loss some inches, but I gained two pounds”.


So I replied, “Have they have assessed you?”


The importance of individual assessment

“It is important to have baseline values and know your fat levels, so you know if you are losing fat and gaining muscle.  Maybe you are losing fat, but you don’t know because you don’t have a baseline.”

“I noticed that your approach to fitness is different. You concentrate more on body definition. They place more of an emphasis on competition and sport.  I see three guys that I know that have being going for years and they still have a big belly. Yet I have a friend who has been there less than a year and he is toned. These three guys make me think when I hired a personal trainer and paid him $4,200 for three months and I did not see any results – he just stole my money.”


perseverance 2“First of all, we all have a different approach to fitness. We need to specialize and go deep in the specialization. This is what defines one fitness professional from another.  I specialize in weight loss and body transformation.   Second, about the three guys and your friend, it is the dedication, discipline and passion that your friend is putting into his exercise that is giving him results. The other three guys are not putting in everything that your friend is and that is most likely the reason why they are not seeing results.  I don’t think it’s the program.  However, the atmosphere, personal attention, support, information, nutrition and empathy are all contributors to the program.”

“I might ask for your services in the future and see if I can get results here.”

Keep to your program

I concluded, “You are welcome anytime. But I recommend that you stick to one program for a while.  This is a big mistake that many people make. They think one program is not working because they don’t see prompt results.  So they switch programs and before they get anywhere, they switch again and again. Albert Einstein called this insanity. Be loyal to your program and stick to it and you will see results. Now, if you don’t like the program, that is another story, but don’t just drop it because does not give you results in a blink of an eye.”


John summarized everything, “So I should get a body assessment to find out where I am and take my focus away from the scale.  Also I need to be dedicated, disciplined and passionate about my exercise program.  I should take in consideration all the aspects of the program such as atmosphere, support and services provided to stick to my program.  Ultimately, once I have chosen one exercise program, I should not quit because it’s not giving me results right away.”

“You got it!”
“I love talking to you Sandro. You open my eyes to see the big picture.”
“I’m here to help you and support you throughout your fitness journey”

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