Remember those New Years resolutions you made in January? Time to bring them back into your life!

The Persian New Year is the perfect occasion to renew the vows you made to yourself to eat healthier, exercise more or stay positive throughout weight loss!

The Persian New Year is called ‘Nowruz’ which translates to “New Day.” Nowruz intentionally falls on the first day of spring, normally mid-March, as rain clouds disappear and flowers bloom. Today, Thursday March 20th, the Persian New Year officially occurs at 16:57:07 London time!


Persian New Year Traditions

To ring in the New Year, a Festival of Fire takes place on the eve of Nowruz, normally the last Wednesday of the Persian New Year. The festival is named ‘Chaharshanbe Suri’, which actually means “Wednesday light.” The tradition is to make bonfires in the streets, which people jump over in hopes of a year filled with enlightenment and happiness.

This rebirth of nature symbolizes the start of the year for the Persian community around the world.

Anyone can take the idea of rebirth that the Persian New Year brings us and apply it to how they live their life.

It is important to focus on the basics, such as eating healthy (and only eating when hungry) and exercising frequently. After these basics become a routine, you can begin to diversify your diet and increase your exercise plans to meet your goals. However, sticking to a plan and staying positive can be difficult. Mind can be more deceitful than manner, especially when it comes to weight loss. It is easy to get discouraged, but you will be set up for success if your goals are realistic, you plan ahead, and track your progress throughout.

The concept of “mindful eating” can be beneficial for achieving weight loss goals. This means only eating when you are actually hungry, and not just feeling stressed, nervous, angry or sad. Focus on the taste of your food, and savoring it. An easy trick is to put your fork down in-between bites. It’s very easy to shovel food without thinking, and accidentally overeating. These eating tips can be used at all meals, on holidays and just your average day.

Persian New Year Food

persian new year food

Norwuz is an opportunity for families worldwide to get together and enjoy cultural dishes that all begin with the Persian letter ‘cinn,’ similar to the letter ‘s’ in English. These include sprouts (‘Sabzeh’), pudding (‘Samanu’), apple (‘Seeb), dry fruit (‘Senjed’), garlic (‘Seer’), berries (‘Somaq’), and vinegar (‘Serkeh’).

Placed on a ceremonial table, these dishes symbolize rebirth, health, happiness, prosperity, joy, patience, and beauty. What a perfect reminder of those resolutions you just made! Although you do not eat these dishes, you can use them as inspiration for future meals!

For example, you can make a yummy snack out of dried fruit! Choose a combination of your favorite fruits, such as cherries with raspberries and strawberries. Although “Nature’s Candy” does contain natural sugar, it is a healthy alternative to refined sugar if you eat it in moderation. Be careful of pineapple, banana chips, and cranberries because they are usually pre-packaged with extra sugar.

Many people who celebrate the New Year believe that how a person spends Nowruz will determine the rest of their year – so stick to those resolutions to stay healthy and fit!

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