I’d like to claim this has been a brilliantly organised and orchestrated method by which to bring the WatchFit app to the fore in this process of training with John. However, that would not be true at all – honestly!

Circumstance has actually forced us to deploy WatchFit and ‘road test’ John Shepherd’s Athletic Plan with me earlier than anticipated!

I am being as honest as I can throughout this blog and I have to admit that I did not foresee this scenario much before the end of our programme. However, when needs must…


When I set out on this and put myself in the hands of GB athletics coach, author and training expert John Shepherd, I wanted to see how far I could improve in my all round physical capabilities by, as a non-athlete, adopting an elite athletes approach to twice weekly training. It has been a real eye opener and a truly engaging process with results becoming quite quickly evident to me.

After a good clear run for the first four or five weeks when John and I were able to meet two mornings a week at Crystal Palace, but he and I got rather buried under an avalanche of commitments, travels, people and places.

For my part I have had to travel to and spend time in Sweden, Estonia, Vienna and Dublin recently. None of which has been conducive to doing very much healthily, let alone rolling up to a major athletics venue and putting myself through my paces. So, whilst I felt like it would be hugely frustrating to judder to a halt, particularly when I think we were making such good progress,

I suddenly remembered that this is exactly why I conceived and created WatchFit originally!

To have all information, instruction, guidance, prompting, motivating and a logging facility for reference and for others to see – that is what most of us need to get going and keep going until we achieve our aims. And by having all of this in a mobile device that is with us most of the time, we really don’t have much excuse to deviate or give up on a tried, tested and proven plan.

Parisa Louie_1

The last few years of my life have been given over to making this an accessible reality to people all over the world and we are making great strides in doing just that.

And now, here I am being a direct beneficiary of my own idea!

It was always the plan for John and I to work closely over weeks and months on this programme that he has devised. Then, the very plan I had committed to and benefited from – developed by John as we progressed – would become a formal programme available to all in the WatchFit app. It would be something that we knew would be truly effective and something we’d have documented here over many weeks. All entirely and honestly developed and played out in public view and no secrets!

My travels across four countries were all work based, although quite a bit of fun was planned too, and were quite intense. I am pretty good at going 100mph in terms of energy and attention for quite long periods of time. But when I stop I really do stop! I like to get away from it all and shut off. Exercise has always been a fantastic escape in this sense and a brilliant release and refresher.

However, when going from plane to boat to meeting to conference to hotel to plane to meeting……it’s not easy to find that release

Dublin was a huge sensory assault. Incredible atmosphere and the most fantastic people to listen to and meet up with, but eventually I just had to remove myself from it completely. So I shuffled out and the quietest place I could find – ironically – was a rugby stadium. I don’t know who it belonged to, but it was a proper neat little stadium holding maybe 15,000. There was nobody in sight, so I made my way into the ground, then to pitch side and climbed right to the top of the biggest stand.

It was a perfect place for a bit of peace and quiet and a proper break from the hubbub of a massive Tech Convention. Then I stared at my mobile phone, checked my WatchFit app and realised it was time to do something. And from where I was sitting, there was only one obvious option…

So I kicked off the shoes and started running the steps

Sprint to the top walk down, sprint back and repeat. I’d love to know what anybody might have thought if they spied this crazy woman running from rows A-Z in an empty rugby stadium!

It worked though and I soon felt rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day. And this is where I started to appreciate so much the accessibility of my plans through WatchFit. My phone is with me all the time and all that information, guidance, instruction, all those prompts and nudges – all contained in this little device that I have to use many times on a daily basis. It is like carrying your conscience around!

I embarked on hotel room based bodyweight exercises of push ups, squats, lunges, planks and ate as sensibly as possible in the context of lavish gala type dinners a lunches on the move. Having prompts to check that I’ve eaten and eaten properly, whether my breakfast porridge or healthy afternoon snacks definitely kept me on the right path.

I realise it is precisely in this kind of hurly burly that it’s all too easy to let things slip entirely , but I am so pleased that I managed to keep ticking over, not lose too much ground and am confident that the next time John Shepherd and I get together at the National Athletics Centre it won’t be like the first day of term.

I hope those words don’t come back to haunt me….

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WatchFit Experts change lives!

And they can do the same for you.


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