Every morning we are at a reset point in our lives; an opportunity to click the reboot button, to change the way we feel, to create change in our lives, to respond to life’s events differently.

According to multiple sources on the Internet, the average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes each day equals about 35,000.

Decision-making is such a seamless brain process that we‘re usually unaware, until our choice results in unexpected consequences.

Simple choices we form are what to wear, what to eat for breakfast or prioritising our “to do list” at work.

Complexities or complicated emotional decisions such as; Are we going to show love today, or keep our hearts close? Are we going to be full of joy, peace and abundance or stay stuck in old emotional patterns?

These are the habitual habits of response that create the outcomes we experience in life.

It is our own individual choice of how we respond; sometimes it may not feel like it, especially when we remember an event that always causes us to feel bad, guilty or even angry.

Our emotions come to the surface exceptional fast, especially if it is full of “charge” or “intensity”.

Interestingly it’s not the event that causes anything, it’s our conscious emotional reactions based upon our habits of reacting or responding over time, those ones that seems so deep set, that they have just always been there.

We are merely drawing on our personal history, learnt behaviour to determine how to react to an event or stimulus.

Cognitive science has shown our neural pathway history is not carved in stone, it is actually malleable; you can choose new unconscious responses that influence you positively, therefore everyone has the choice to change the way they feel.

Deciding to create your life by choice instead of reacting to whatever life brings, can dramatically affect the outcomes of those complicated choices.

When it comes to achieving success in changing our reactions to incoming stimuli, one of the most important changes you’ll ever need to make is the conversation you have with yourself.

If your self-talk is filled with negative conversation it will be reflected in your results. Alternatively if your self-talk is a continual flow of positive, reassuring and inspiring self-talk you’ll be confident and self assured when going after your goals.

One way of changing negative self-talk to positive  is by the use of affirmations, but please understand affirmations alone will not change your life.

Everyone has a choice to change the way they feel!_2

They are a simple tool, used in conjunction with other professional techniques, products and therapies to reinforce the new re-educated conscious emotional responses.

Recording a stream of positive present tense affirmations and playing it while walking, exercising or in the background while you work (if it’s appropriate) can be extremely effective if used everyday or even twice a day.

If you are aware of negative reactions, behaviours, thought patterns, emotions and habits that are seriously impacting your health and wellbeing, blocking you from achieving your goals and dreams – or you know someone that may benefit from assistance in changing their reactions to life – seek professional advice, as the saying goes “Emotions run deep”.

So today you have another choice; to open your mind, body and spirit to change, to choose to live the life you truly desire and deserve, to take the next step to emotional freedom or to stay chained in those old constricted patterns. It’s “YOUR” choice…

Enjoy your day, enjoy your choices and empower yourself to create a life you want to live!

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