Remember how your bike /car /gadget looked and ran when it was brand new? Pristine, fast, sleek. Now cast your mind to the suppleness of a baby and the brightness in their eyes and the softness of their skin. Wouldn’t you like to run with a pristine engine and maintain your youthful looks and energy? I think of my new road bike. What a joy brand new – gliding effortlessly along with well-oiled parts and a shimmering frame.

Now it has scars and is clogged with dirt. However, with some time and effort I could perhaps bring it back to its former glory. You too, with a little organisation, time and effort could coax your body back to its former glory. Picture luminous hair, skin and eyes and stress-free muscles gliding through life with endless energy.

The Ten New Year Commandments!


1 Look to the “Future you”

The Future You is radiant with health and vitality – well worked, nourished and rested, it’s just 10 weeks ahead of the ‘Old You’. You’re looking back at the ‘Old You’ and want to help this person… 10 weeks is all it takes to see and feel the positive change – a pin-prick in a lifetime to make a foundation of healthful changes for life. Set yourself a 10-week gym and nutrition programme and schedule it into your new diary like you would a meeting or social event.

If you’re not sure where to start, ask a fitness professional and follow the advice on our pages. Put simply, you need your programme to progress and challenge your mind and body regularly to keep you motivated and your body adapting. And remember to eat regular healthy and balanced meals to support your new training regime.

2 Don’t Forget to M.O.T Yourself

You wouldn’t neglect your annual vehicle’s M.O.T, so book time for your very own once-over. Start by checking your employer’s healthcare scheme – they may offer a variety of free health checks such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Or go DIY – stand naked in front of the mirror and not only make a mental list of body parts that need more strengthening or lengthening than others, but also search from head to toe for abnormalities such as skin rashes, poor posture and irregularities such as misshapen or strange coloured moles.

Look inside your mouth to check for healthy gums, teeth and tongue! Have a feel too – breast and testicular cancers can be cured if caught early enough. Remember, not all lumps are malignant. If you see anything that concerns you, don’t neglect it – seek professional advice.

3 Do Cleanse

When we breathe in, we regenerate and revitalise with every inhalation when we breathe out, we expel that which we no longer need. Apply the same principle to your home and you’ll have more space in which to breathe, to move, to flow, to enjoy. If you want to take it a step further, explore the traditions of Feng-shui.

For your body, embark in a colon-cleansing programme to rid it of toxins recycling in your system.This doesn’t have to be done the intrusive way, with a few supplements taken over a few weeks combined with sensible eating, the Christmas cake and cocktails will be so last year.

Set time aside regularly to cleanse your whole life, music, clothes, sort your finances, even facebook (!) – you’ll have boundless, yet calm energy. Don’t leave it until spring – the New Year is the best time to set the standard for the coming year and to banish clutter clutter that weighs you down, inside and out.

4 Do Daily Botox, Naturally

After your workout, during which you’ve hopefully perspired a lot, sit in the sauna or steam room for a few minutes to sweat some more and de-tox from the deepest layers of your skin. Stay wellhydrated inside and out by drinking plenty of water and using a good moisturizer (and that includes men). Place water on radiators at home to humidify the air. Sleep by 22:30 to enable the body to repair itself.

Perform a headstand before bed. Yogic research has proved that performing Shirshasana for a few minutes every day will take 5 to 10 years off of your face by improving your circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage. Finally, exercise regularly for oxygen consumption and strong muscles and bones and for good circulation. Eat healthy, balanced meals staying away from sugar, which breaks down the collagen in your skin.

5 Don’t Sink – Swim

Our brains are 80% water, our lungs need 2 glasses of water per day, our bodies need 2 litres of water day for kidneys, cells, blood, muscles, skin etc to function properly. Sitting by water has a calming effect, the ripples and glittering reflections keeping you in the present, the sound tickling your brain.

Sea air has properties that will relax your nervous system. Aquatherapy, such as steam and sauna rooms, Jacuzzis and floatation tanks reduce muscle tension and reduce toxins and of course swimming is great exercise for stress-free joints!

6 Don’t Neglect Your Desk

Pile it with fresh fruits and salads to graze on, this’ll keep you away from the vending machine at work. It’s so easy to take your 50p there in a trance-like state habitually in moments of stress or boredom. Stop yourself and ask yourself what you’re trying to mask then smugly pick up your fresh produce and crunch away. Give your desk a plant or two to soak up the CO2 emitted from your computer.

new year new you_2

Keep your workspace organised and minimal and your mind will be clutter-free too. Dust your desk every morning as a ritual to eliminate allergy inducing dust and making way for new energy. Remember to take 5stretch your legs every half hour or so by fetching something or chatting to a work colleague. Finally, display a photo depicting a goal, ambition or favoured destination to remind you why you’re sat there working for another day and another dollar!

7 Do Get-Up & Go

Has your get-up & go gone? Try a simple life-coaching test. Score the main areas of your life out of 10 – with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest (for example, if you’re really happy with your work life, mark it as 9 and if you’re unhappy with your health and fitness, mark it as 2).Once you’ve decided on your scores, draw a graph to indicate your level of happiness/unhappiness in the main areas of your life.

This brainstorm will be a surprising revelation.Evaluate the graph and work out a year-long plan, breaking it down into month-bymonth chunks with the aim of bringing the lower scoring areas in your life up to higher scoring areas.Diarise and review your graph at the beginning of each new month. Move toward a new life of harmonious equilibrium.

8 Do Seek Workout Variety

Cross-train to keep your body in balance and joints strong – for example, if you’re a cyclist, try weight training – the force from the pull of muscle over bone will strengthen your bones. If you’re a runner do Yoga to lengthen your muscles and improve posture and perofrmance.

9 Do Seek Workout Variety

Burn hundreds of calories playing like children, have fun doing piggy-backs, hopscotch, skipping, handstands, wheelbarrows, playing ‘It!’ with your friends, partner, housemates or family whilst giggling to burn more! You’ll feel energised and more alive. Why not reward yourself with a nutritious picnic afterwards.

Simple pleasures. To recover, chill out with a good book before bed to switch off the mind. Turn in early and awake fresh as the adrenals work hardest to repair your body around 10p.m and 1a.m. Turn off gadgets prior to slumber – our brainwaves oscillate when we sleep at 2Hz; interfering electric currents are 50Hz. Avoid

10 Do Meditate

We are masters of our own perspective and consequently our own existence. Exercising and cleansing the mind is equally as vital as exercising and cleansing the body. Use meditation throughout the day. When you get up, when the mind is clearest to plan your day, mentally prioritising errands and tasks.

When working out or walking, running, or swimming concentrate on your breath to make you high on life. And at night, de-clutter your mind by filing away thoughts and deleting where necessary. Use post-meditation clarity to figure out why you’re lacking mental power or physical energy?

Imagine your car battery – it’s drained of power to work the lights, wipers, stereo, heater, windows, SatNav. If you work your mind and body too hard, you will simply drain your battery. You need to turn off your power and regenerate it every day. This includes your mind.

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