Tips to give you motivation to start exercising

We have all been there. Our pants are tight, we feel bloated all the time, our stress levels are out of control and we are not sleeping well. The thought of exercising just doesn’t sound appealing.

So we often self medicate with comfort food, alcohol, binging on tv shows or DVD box sets, staying up too late only to wake up tired the next day. Then we just try to get through the day on lattes and chocolates only to go home and repeat it all over again.


So tell me, how is that working for you?

Over time you find your pants don’t fit, the bloating has turned into a full fledged belly, your stress level has hit the roof and you are at your wits end. Oh and sleep? What’s that?

So you want to know how to find the strength to motivate yourself to start exercising? Sit tight, I’ve got you covered.

10 Tips to motivate yourself to start exercising.

1) Accountability Partner

Find someone who is consistent and reliable who can help hold you accountable and ask them to be your workout partner. It could be a friend, family member anyone you want. Schedule a time everyday to meet and workout.

You are not going to leave your friend hanging are you?

2) Hire a trainer

When you hire a personal trainer not only are you paying for them to help you but you have to schedule an appointment to work with them. This is a sure fire way to hold yourself accountable to exercise and a great way to get back into the gym with someone who is totally dedicated to you.

They will give you the confidence you need to continue your workouts on your own. Some gyms even offer a few free training sessions when you sign up with a new membership.

Ask! You never know.

3) Visualize

Picture yourself and how your life will look once you get back to the gym.

See yourself having increased energy levels after working out. Visualize how nice you will look in your clothes and how comfortable they will be when you release those unwanted pounds.

Think about how you will feel when you get invited to that pool party or wedding and you don’t feel the pressure to get in shape before you go.

4) Put it on the calendar!

I don’t know about you but if it’s not on my calendar it doesn’t happen. Make it real add your workouts to your calendar.

Go through the class schedule at the gym and add every class you could possibly make to your calendar, add in your personal trainer appointments and individual workout times. Set your phone to remind you.

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5) Plan ahead

It’s the day before your scheduled workout. Your calendar on your phone reminds you.

Pack your gym bag, lay out your clothes, fill that water bottle do what you need to do to be ready. Don’t wait until last minute and when you wake up and don’t have time before work to do these tasks. No excuses.

6) Write it down

Write down your goal.

When you write your goal down it makes it real. It could be so simple as, “I will work out four times a week” or “I want to lose 30 pounds and run a half marathon.” Hang this goal where you can see it and read it everyday. Make it happen.

7) Exercise Log

Keep a log of all your exercises and so you can track your progress.

This can be used as incentive to keep working towards your goal. If you weigh and measure yourself in the beginning and periodically check in, you can see what is working and what isn’t.

Write down how many reps you are doing and what weight and then the following week challenge yourself to do more reps or try a new weight. Make a note of how you are feeling and what your energy levels are like.

8) Boutique studio

Let’s face it the regular gym just isn’t for everyone. If you have tired and you are just not feeling it, search your area for a boutique fitness studio.

Often boutique studios offer specialty classes or bootcamp type classes where you can work out in a group setting at your own pace. Typically in this type of setting everyone encourages each other and often friendships develop.

There may even be different types of classes that the regular gyms do not have.

9) Monthly Challenge

For those of you with a competitive edge you might want to check online, your local gym, or boutique studio to see if there are any monthly challenges starting up. Sometimes all you need is a little friendly competition and encouragement from a team leader to get you back in the swing of things.

10) Your Future

Most importantly think about your future. How will it look for you if you don’t get back on track and on the road to being healthy?

Do you want to spend endless days in the doctors room? Do you want to be put on medicines for conditions that could be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle? Have kids? What kind of example are you setting for them? Do you want them stressed out because they have to care for you because you didn’t take the time to invest in yourself?

I know schedules change, life changing events happen, the kids get sick, the school schedule is not cooperating the list goes on. Just remember regardless of why you got off track you need to forgive yourself and let it go.

Focus on today

Make a conscious decision to take control of your life. Commit to making small changes that you can stick to and set small goals for yourself along the way.

Make a commitment to yourself to make the changes necessary to get back on track and use the 10 Tips to motivate yourself to start exercising again to get you going and stick to your plan. You will feel better once you do and don’t forget your health depends on it.

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Get Healthy. Find Balance. Be Happy.


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