Good things happen to those who work out! We all have those times where we feel really motivated for our workouts and training sessions, then there are those times we need a little extra push to get pumped up for our workouts. As they say, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen! You need to know how to find motivation for exercise when you don’t have any

Here are 5 fun ways to get you on the right mind set and focus again to help you achieve your goals one workout at a time:

1. Give yourself a real reward

By knowing you’re going to get something post an awesome sweat sessions can help you get through it. Reward yourself for those healthy choices and keeping up those workout sessions and stay motivated to workout. It can be anything small or big, it should fit your budget but make it fun and meaningful to you.

Anything from enjoying a relaxing warm bath to treating yourself to a message or a home spa afternoon, or a lie in the next morning. How about buying some fancy shower gel or lotion, some new gym gear, or a new fancy top to fit with your new figure. You can even go as big as planning a short vacation.

2. Rethink positive thinking

Remember when we were kids and we had so much fun with our imagination? You can still do that now as an adult. Just stop and really visualize your goals and your why. Why are you doing this? What are you going to achieve out of it?

But go a bit deeper and don’t just stick with…..’I want to lose weight’.  You need to stop, close your eyes and imagine you’ve reached your goal weight. How do you look? How do you feel? How great is it to be at that place and achieved what you desired? How great do you look in that bikini or dress? How does it feel being healthy and fit? Have fun with this and remember that workout session is a step closer to getting to that person you have imagined.

Motivation to get fit:

3. Time for yourself

Just think how we all need that time to switch off from the world and take a break. Research shows that failure to disengage from time to time can have negative side effects.  These negative effects impact not only you, but your friends, family and also your work. If you are interested in exercising, then here is five good exercises during your busiest times. 

This is the time to do just that. We live in a day and age where we are always reachable through technology. So our mind is always active and running on the go. At times this can be overwhelming and can also lead to high levels of stress. So remember this workout is a great way to put your head phones on, turn off the world and just de-stress and let those happy endorphins do their job. You will become a better person for it and not just better in your appearance.

4. Get pumped with others

Why not get yourself a coach or a trainer or join a group session. Here is how to choose a personal trainers for you and your needs. Keeping motivated with others makes it a great environment to stay pumped.  Socializing with others can be fun and helps you keep a consistent exercise schedule.

Having a coach or trainer to guide you and help push you through is a safe and effective way to have a designed workout tailored to your needs; you will have an accountability factor, and a workout that requires no prior exercise knowledge or experience. You will get a great variety and definitely avoid boredom by training with others and you should know how to make it worth to get a personal trainer.

5.  Motivational board

Reading motivational quotes can be a great way to get you pumped for your workout. But why not be creative with this and make up your own motivational board or motivational book? Get out the scissors, glue, coloured pens, gels, stickers and colours. It’s more fun when you make it yourself and make it look as attractive as you like. Have it in a place that you can reach or see it often. Go through the motivational quotes on a regular basis, so you feel pumped all the time. You can also do fun exercises to pumped up your motivation for working out.

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