It’s that time of year again to honor the Mothers in your life! Handmade construction-paper cards & painted macaroni necklaces were fine when you were a kid, but what about NOW? Isn’t it time to put some thought into a gift that will make ANY mom feel special?! Whether her kids are young or all grown up, whether she is into cooking, hitting the gym, yoga, or just living healthy, here are some suggestions to fit any budget & make EVERY mom happy!

For the Health-Conscious Cook or Food Lover

Herb or Fruit Plants –  traditional flowers & bouquets are beautiful, but why not get something that she can enjoy for years to come? Perennial herbs like basil, mint, & parsley are great for fresh cooking, & strawberries will produce delicious fruit for her to remember you by year after year as she enjoys eating them.


Naturebox Subscription – delivers five packages of wholesome snacks, like nuts, crackers, and cookies made with healthy ingredients like whole-wheat flour and 100-percent fruit juice. Helping mom chose a healthy snack is easy when a boxful of nutritious goodies arrives once a month.

Dark Chocolate – what woman DOESN’T enjoy a well-made, rich bar of chocolate? You can help the planet as well, by encouraging your mom to indulge ethically with a bar made from sustainably grown, fair trade cocoa beans.


Unusual mother's day gift ideas

For the Fitness-Minded

Foam Roller –  who doesn’t enjoy a long stretching and foam rolling session after a hard workout? Trigger point massage using a foam roller loosens up tight muscles and helps connective tissue stay healthy and supple. Grab mom a roller!

Health-Minded Reads- subscribe her to a great fitness magazine like Self, Oxygen, or Women’s Fitness. Or, since everyone strives to be “healthy” with all the information out there, try a health-minded book based on facts & research.  “Phys Ed” columnist for The New York Times, Reynolds, breaks down health and fitness with recent research and science in her book,

“The First 20 Minutes”. Her easy-to-understand book clearly addresses fitness myths and explains current findings. It’s one of the several must-reads I recommend & is great for any mom, serious about staying healthy and fit for life!

Gym Accessories- If mom is still juggling clothes, shoes, purse & wallet to the gym, why not get her a great new bag? You can choose an Actvyist bag  ( that does some good for the world & donates money from each bag purchased to funding girls’ sports teams and facilities in Nicaragua. Why sports? Studies show that staying active and committing to a team can help girls be healthier, happier, and better educated. Or keep her in style with a trendy choice from, that looks more like a purse than your typical gym duffle bag. If she already has a fab bag, but drinks out of a plastic water bottle – why not try a Hydracoach ( bottle to help her keep track of her ounces?

To Encourage “Zen”

Aromatherapy Set- Aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety, & be pleasant, comforting experience. If the mom in your life needs a pick-me-up or a stress-reliever, introduce her to a beginner kit of essential oils or a small bath kit for her specific needs.

Tea Notes- If your  favourite mom’s into a cup of tea to unwind, tea notes will be right up her alley! Go to, pick out a tea, and write out messages for each bag. Every time she grabs a packet of her favorite blend, she’ll see a loving, happy message to make her smile!

Massage or Salon Gift Certificate- There’s nothing better than a treatment at a great spa for getting some much-needed rest & relaxation, & getting a massage has been proven to reduce physical pain, boost mood, & fight overall stress. Why not book your mom a massage session or any other relaxing treatment at a local salon?

Handmade with Love

DIY Body Scrub –  if you still want to hand-make mom a gift from the heart, encourage her to take some “me time” every once in a while with a jar of sugar scrub. A simple base of 2 parts sugar (white or brown) to 1 part oil (olive or coconut work great!), mixed with the oil from a few Vitamin E caps is easily transformed into her favourite scents by adding some pumpkin pie spice (or just cinnamon), vanilla extract, or essential lemon oil!

Homemade Meal- this isn’t the fanciest or most innovative suggestion, but for many mothers, a simple gift from the heart means much more than an expensive one or a gift card  A nice bottle of wine, a delicious home-cooked meal, and plenty of conversation make a great present! Treat the “main chef” mom with some precious moments of relaxation, while you slave over the hot stove preparing her favourite meal. Don’t forget dessert! A bar of dark chocolate, perhaps?!


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