WatchFit is thrilled to bring Obi Obadike on board as a Contributing Expert. Obi is a leading light in the US fitness industry. His knowledge, enthusiasm, personality, looks and amazing physique have made him a huge hit in magazines, on TV,  online and in social media. Twice a month Obi will field questions you might wish to send in about all matters of training and fitness, and we will publish his answers here.

And just so you can get to know Obi a little better, WatchFit’s Guy Holland welcomed him to the team and posed a few general questions…



1)  In a relatively short space of time you have become a major figure on the US fitness scene. What do you attribute your success to?

I attribute my success to simply just wanting to succeed really bad and working really hard! I wanted to be a major force and influence in the fitness industry and use that position in as many positive ways as possible. I used social media as a platform to promote my brand and I wrote for every fitness magazine you can think of, and I tried to put my finger on anything that was fitness related. I didn’t want to be just some ripped fitness guy chasing latest fads and fame, I wanted to be more than that.

2) You were a very fine Collegiate athlete before moving into the wider fitness, conditioning and performance world. Were you always a fit, active kid and young adult?

I grew up being a very active kid as I played basketball, ran track and played football. I loved sports and I found a love of fitness and an appreciation of being fit from playing sports. Fitness helped give me confidence, boosted my self-esteem and that translated into how I felt about myself physically and mentally. Track Athletics and basketball were my two main sports that I was really good at, but track was where I really excelled and the sport into which I put most of my energy when I competed in college. I was very proud to set a few records that stood for some time!

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3) Who or what inspired you to be sporty and active and what has helped sustain your motivation?

Nothing particularly external. My motivation came from wanting to be in the best shape and the best health possible and knowing that I had the ability to control that made me want to do everything to be best I can be in regards to physical fitness.

4) Across the world the fitness industry is booming and the trend looks set to continue for many years to come. However it seems that the fit are getting fitter and the fat are getting fatter. What do you put this down to and how will we reverse the worrying statistics regarding obesity and diabetes?

We need to eliminate the influence of  the people who are pushing the quick fix pills and quick fix gadgets and spreading misleading messages regarding losing weight. Education is critical.We need to put more energy and time and money into educating our society in a more constructive, accessible and inspiring way with more knowledge on training, nutrition and health. We must show kids that is is not an awful, difficult and uncomfortable chore to be active and get fit,  that it can be energising and great fun!

5) If you were granted just three exercises to do for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Push-Ups, Pull-Ups and Dips. These are great bodyweight exercises you can do almost anywhere, they absolutely hit the spot and are genuinely effective.

6) In your time at the forefront of the US health and fitness industry, what are the biggest and most exciting developments you’ve seen?

I think the most exciting thing about the U.S health and fitness industry is how quick it is to get access to the most cutting edge information on being in better shape and being in better health. You have apps, cutting edge websites, YouTube Channels, Roku channel and so much access to free information on being in better shape. The speed of accessibility on cutting edge information is what I am most impressed with. There really is not much excuse for ignorance these days!

7) Trend-wise what do you think is the next big breakthrough?

I think the current biggest breakthrough that will stay around for awhile is anaerobic and aerobic home exercises and boot camp cardio home exercises. Basically exercises that you can do at home while watching online on your laptop, tablet, phone, etc. The ability to exercise in the comfort in your own home is a huge thing. And with websites and apps – such as WatchFit – great information and exercise and diet plans are available direct into the hands of millions of people all over the world.

8) What single tip would you offer that everybody can easily adopt and benefit from?

People need to be patient and understand that you can’t get the body you want in one night. If something is a quick fix then you can be sure there’s no lasting benefit. It takes time, effort and a lot of dedication to accomplish your fitness goals. But it is absolutely worth it and the personal sense of achievement is immense too.

9) You’ve had a fascinating life so far, up to this point what do you think is your greatest achievement?

It’s so hard to pinpoint what my greatest achievement is to be honest with you because I am still in the fitness industry, busy with so much and doing my thing.  But one of the things I was proud about was being named the 6th most influential fitness expert on the web. That was quite a thrill and vindicated my efforts and showed me I was doing something tight!  My goal really is to continue to influence as many people as possible to be as healthy and fit as they possibly can.

10) WatchFit is thrilled to welcome you on board as an Expert Contributor and we know you have some exciting projects in the pipeline – anything you can share with us here?

And I am excited to be teaming up with WatchFit and continuing my quest to reach as many people as possible with healthy messages and positive, effective instruction. I do have a couple of exciting developments that I will be able to share really soon. As soon as I am able to I will share with the WatchFit world! I am excited to be an expert contributor to WatchFit.



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