Neale Cranwell’s story is one of remarkable determination, resilience and resolve. These attributes have brought him amazing bodybuilding success against the odds. And this has been matched by the success of his Krunch Gym business.

Neale’s roll-call of achievements are hugely impressive: 2 x Mr Titan, NABBA SE Champion, Stars of Tomorrow Champion, Mr Universe runner up, British Heavyweight Champion, Midlands Heavyweight Champion, WPF Heavyweight Mr Universe Champion, NAC British Champion, NAC World Champion. This is not even the complete list of  his distinguished achievements, but you get the picture…Neale has truly excelled in his field!

But it is not a typical story about determination and hard graft and it could have all been so very different.  If the Waltham Abbey man had adhered to medical opinion his life would have been coloured very differently. However he chose to defy much of that advice and opinion, and what followed is remarkable…


In 2005 Neale shattered his arms and was paralysed from the neck down for 48 hours following a motorbike accident. For a considerable period of time there was great uncertainty about how much mobility he could look forward to for the rest of his life. Lifting anything at all was a big issue and the notion of heavy weights was light years away. Yet despite all the plates, pins and arduous physiotherapy he not only returned to competition within 12 months – a truly staggering feat in itself – but won the 2006 Mr Titan title!  As the old cliche goes, “You could not have made it up!”

Neale Cranwell-1However it wasn’t all a fairytale from that point on. Early in 2009 he broke his back, slipped two discs and suffered sciatic nerve damage. Moving at all was desperately difficult and lifting was of course impossible. But once again armed with a positive mental attitude, a heavy dose of bloody-mindedness and a dedicated approach to physio and rehabilitation, he not only recovered but completed five times before the end of ’09!

“I am a firm believer in the mind being the most powerful muscle anybody has. If you truly believe, you will succeed. Of course you can be a reckless fool and just try an crash on regardless but that’s not the smart way. Adopt the correct processes, be intelligent about it and – above all else – stay positive and know that the human and mind and body is capable of the most extraordinary feats of performance and recovery,” commented Neil.

And it is this attitude that has also helped turn his Krunch Gym into one of the most talked about independents around. With a vast array of freeweights and weight stations for all standards, a large cardio department, a spinning studio, Personal Training studio, classes from pilates to pole dancing, virtual gaming with Playstation workouts on recumbent bikes, a choice of tracks from around the world in the Virtual Spinning Room and even Wii Fit is utilised! Resident nightly DJ’s keep the music pumping and Neale boasts that his on-site cafe prepares some of the best food you’ll taste.

Charles Burch, MD of Suffolk based EXF Fitness which helped design and equip Neale’s Krunch Gym said, “Neale is an absolute inspiration in what he has achieved in bodybuilding and with his gym. The obstacles he has overcome have been huge. But the remarkable thing is, he hasn’t just overcome them, he has pushed on and been stronger for them. He is positive, focused and knows how to keep moving forwards and succeed.”

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