Hey there beautiful people, I wanted to wait a little bit into the New Year before sending this because we all get inundated with new year’s email and promotions.

But I also wanted to get something to you around now because studies show that 95% of people who set new year’s resolutions break them by the middle of January. I want to make sure you are still on track or at least you can still get back on track!


If you’re one of the 95% don’t feel bad. If you’re keeping your resolutions, congratulations and keep it up!

So what does resolution mean? Resolution means “A firm decision to do or not to do something”. When we make that decision to set goals for the new year, we tend to do it out of obligation and not as a true goal. We set goals in the new year because it’s the thing to do.

But is there any real conviction behind it?

We say I want to lose 10lbs. by the end of January, but we don’t have enough compelling reasons why we want to achieve that goal. Our reasons tend to be I want to feel better or I want to look better, whereas our reasons should be a little more intense.

Our reasons for wanting to achieve this goal must be a must. You must achieve this goal or else…… Not only should it be must, but we need to write that goal down, set a plan and execute that plan no matter what. The goal and the plan will happen whether I feel like it today or not. No excuses!

keep your resolutions_1

We must resolve to say, I don’t care if I don’t feel great today or I didn’t get enough sleep or I don’t have the time. You’ll feel better after, you can sleep more tonight, you can make time. You must resolve to do something. Even if it isn’t exactly what you had planned.

Do something positive toward your goal every day.

You see, sometimes it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to get done. The more action you take the more confidence you will gain in your ability to get results. The end goal will be achieved by a series of small successes. Making sure you plan, having a water bottle with you always, buying the right foods at the grocery store, meditating etc.

On the other hand, the lack of results or the failure to achieve your goal will be by a series of small failures. Failure to plan, failure to eat well consistently, failure to drink enough water, failure to de-stress and so on.

The moral of the story?

You need to find enough compelling reasons why you want to keep your resolutions and achieve your goal. Is it for you? For your happiness? Are you sick and tired of the body you have? Is it to set an example for your kids? Is it because you have a family history of serious health problems? Is it for your mental or emotional health?

Take time to find the reasons why you must reach your goal and revisit those reasons daily so your mind subconsciously looks for situations that align with your goal. This will help keep you focused until you have the body, confidence, attitude, wealth, relationships and happiness you deserve.
I hope this helps.

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